Time flies, now he's baby no more. Our little baby once is now officially a little kid, not even a toting toddler. So funny of him having to wear his precious preschool crown he got on his birthday celebration, along with the sunglasses that he gave as souvenir on his birthday playdate with his best buddies. Quite a character, he is. We're proud to have a very happy little boy, so good natured though quite naughty at times. He's very sweet and loves mommy and daddy with him. We love you baby!


My little boy loves cats, dogs, bunnies and fishes, as you can see he's having so much fun with the cute kitty. When we played at the backyard kitty was so cute chasing insects flying around. 

Dear friends and readers, keeping up with this little munchkin takes practically all my time along with squeezing some home office works and wifey duty. JIF Photo Journal has been long neglected unintentionally, so please excuse the faulty commenting and all other technical issues. I have only been accessing my blogs through mobile and have very limited time to do so. It has been a very stressful and busy October for us that's why I'm taking some comfort writing some blog posts. I want to thank you all for continuously visiting and being part of my journey here in JIFPJ. 

{Little J and mommy made a very special Minion gift box for J's buddy. It's made of an old gift box cover & construction papers}
Yesterday we went for a little outdoor time, made the little joy chased bubbles, biked a little bit then walked to Walgreens. As we were browsing around, J found interesting toys and I started fishing out ideas for Christmas presents. He got hooked with one toy, the Hungry Hippo. He remembered how much he liked playing with his friend's Hungry Hippo. He had a hard time letting to of the toy so I told him he can ask Santa for it on Christmas.

A day passed and he hasn't forgotten about that little toy. Early morning he told me he doesn't want Chuggjngton anymore for Christmas, just Hungry Hippo. So I told him he can write a letter and ask Dear Old Santa his request. With much whining and fussing getting tired finishing the letter, he managed to do his letter. Now, Santa better make sure he gets the much requested present, a little boy worked so hard to finish that letter.


I just felt like cooking that night so I made Pancit Canton Guisado. I lacked ingredients, not even a carrot but still cooked it. We have no special guests to serve it to and it will be just our family dinner so it didn't matter much to me. Making sure the taste would pass my little boy's standard was my challenge as it would be his first time trying that kind of noodle dish.

Done cooking and the test was on, I passed! He was excited with the noodles and right after tasting it decided to eat on his own. Had to fish out the cabbages because he didn't like the texture, I knew it would've been better if I had carrots with it. We all had a lovely dinner, happy with the warm freshly cooked meal. Yummy! Second serving was enjoyed afterwards... A bit of spoiling for the night. 

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