While we're on vacation hubs left some work for his papa to do. Our trusty old car had to undergo repairs and maintenance and the best time to do such work is when we're out and not really needing to use it. Since there's no time restrictions that car had a good overall check. Necessary parts were replaced and all other things like transmission, head gasket, fan, alignment & etc. we thoroughly inspected. Hubs used the car today going back to work and he said it runs smooth like a new Honda Civic! He's very thankful to papa and the mechanic who's been fixing our car ever since.

It was the perfect timing to do the repairs for the car. Just like any other cars a routine maintenance and repair must be done. It doesn't matter whether you have to do it somewhere else like San Jose, San Francisco or as far as Los Angeles auto repair. As soon as the car requires such immediate attention better bring it over to the mechanic. Your safety also depends on your car condition.
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  1. [SK] Says:

    so i guess your father-in-law has really done a great job, reliable and exceed expectation, haha~~ :)

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