Cars need maintenance to keep it running good, it all starts with simple TLC and who better gives that but you.  Make sure to check the tires if the air is right, this can prolong the lifespan of your tires reducing wear and tear so easy.  Tire rotation and wheel alignment must be done to correct the wheels, this can give your cars smoother run and omits the possible damages of bad misaligned wheels.  Oil change must be observed periodically so as car cleaning and waxing for added protection.  Using better gas can also promote engine health compared to some cheaper gas with additives.

There are things that you can do to keep and maintain your car's health but if you are not comfortable of doing things yourself, bringing it to a trusted shop is a better option.  There they can thoroughly inspect and know what your car needs.  In any case you are not too confident with just any other car shops around the neighborhood, taking the car to certified dealership's service center can be quite beneficial for your car. The mechanics are well trained and the service center is fully equipped to do the necessary services or repairs for your car.

If you're looking for a service center and dealership in Chicago area http://www.ednapletonhonda.com is a new Honda Dealer in Chicago which also offers parts and services. It's easy to check for their new car inventory in case you're looking forward into trading in your vehicle or buy another one, say Honda Accord for instance.  It's all about Honda for Ed Napleton and you can actually see their blog for more informational car reviews on http://www.hondadealersblog.com
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