This is one of our favorite Filipino noodle dish.  You may use different kinds of rice noodles for this, thick or thin whichever you prefer.  It is best served fresh and warm and not with the sauce and toppings mixed all together.  I miss how my grandma prepares this, she will have everything on the table, all separate for you to create your own.  There will be rice noodles, shrimp sauce, tinapa flakes (smoked fish flakes), ground chicharon (pork crackling), roated garlic, roasted pork meat, shrimps, fried tofu, calamari, eggs, green onions and calamansi or lemon slices.  Such a comfort food even our little boy loves to eat.  I tried making my own version here with whatever ingredients available.  Of course it's not as authentic but good enough to satisfy our craving.  Next time I prepare this I will document the ingredients so I can share it to all of you.

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4 Responses
  1. kulasa Says:

    hmmmmm yummmm love love love Pancit Malabon! now I think I will have to try to make one for the family this weekend or to have the authentic flavorful taste of it might just head for the resto which makes it best in our locality haha, happy day on your side of the world now :-)

  2. betchai Says:

    hmmm, I miss this Ayie, so much. and like you, I make my own once a while, though not as good as back home, but good enough to answer my cravings. :)

  3. lina Says:

    Looks yummy! :)

    Hi AYie! :)

  4. foongpc Says:

    I have eaten Palabok before at Red Ribbon in Manila, but I did not like it. Very fishy smell which I think comes from the sauce! But your palabok picture looks delicious. Hmmm, wonder if your version tastes delicious : )

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