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14 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah! our family members and children are our treasures. :D

  2. What sweet smiles. One think you can bet on with children of that ages is that someone is smiling at them and they are smiling back, It's infectious no vaccine or booster shots needed :)

  3. Carver Says:

    Both are beautiful children and great shots.

  4. lina Says:

    Hi Ayie!
    They're precious treasure! :)
    Sweet smiles to greet me in the morning.

  5. betchai Says:

    they are priceless treasures Ayie. love both their contagious smiles.

  6. Bengbeng Says:

    pricelss smiles.. adorable

  7. how precious and so adorable. Happy WW!

  8. Outstanding pictures!
    Lovely moments!

  9. Icy BC Says:

    Love the children's smiles..They are just gorgeous!

  10. rainfield61 Says:

    They are your treasures now, and your gold mines in future.


  11. Anya Says:

    WONDERFUL moments ....
    Enjoy .............

    Have a Happy Weekend

  12. Mariuca Says:

    Hi sweetie! Love the smiles I see here today, both pics are equally adorable!

  13. Mariuca Says:

    Treasure ur precious moments sweetie!

  14. mimi Says:

    hmm your niece made me thinking of my neice too.. missing her naughty laugh so bad..i think u do miss her badly too rite?

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