Over here me and baby always go to the parks and playgrounds near where we live. Baby loves his free time there playing with sand or exploring the playground. Since we're surrounded by parks here where we live it's very convenient to go even without having to bring the car. That's not the case in Manila, there isn't much playground equipment and if any it's always busy and definitely not friendly for a little baby like him.

We never thought the playground in SM Mall of Asia gets very crowded even at night time. We decided to walk by the breakwater just to catch some breeze and bring baby to play but to our surprise it was crammed! Small kids, big kids...they were all playing in that tiny playground! Baby's eyes were fixed looking at the colorful play area so we decided to take him nearer but as he touched the playground he wanted to go in and play. He was fussing and almost cried when we had to take him away, poor little baby wanted it so badly but it's way too unsafe for him. We managed to make him smile again after showing him the big carousel with the lights on.

Since we had to skip the playground we decided to just stroll and looked over the ocean. We enjoyed looking at the yachts and big ships while sitting peacefully away from people on the park benches. Seeing the lights of those ships made baby's eyes open wide with excitement with some twinkling like stars from afar. We later on got some picnic tables with Adirondack chairs for a lovely Al-fresco dinner by the bay. What could be more relaxing than that? Baby got too relaxed he actually fell asleep!

Even if baby didn't have any playground fun time in Manila he had some good play time with Ate Elisse and other kids in the neighborhood. Baby was so excited to be surrounded with all the kids who were running all over and just playing. My brother prepared some of the toys for Elisse and made it ready for baby to use. I grew up playing outdoors and same with hubs so it was good to see our boy having the opportunity to experience such thing too. Even if a playground is any kid's haven, nothing beats the fun of interacting and just playing around with many kids.

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3 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    The neighbourhood can be a nice playground too. :)

  2. Андрей Says:

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  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Yeah~it is an outdoor playground right? Night time and yet people still wanna play. Ha :D No fun at all.

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