Do you have the time to kick back and relax and have the option not to work for a while? If you do then I so envy you. There's no complaining about mommy duty because that's something I truly enjoy no matter what. Tiring indeed but worth every single drop of my sweat. It's something I wouldn't exchange for anything else. Taking care of a baby requires a lot of physical work and patience but your love and care will overcome the stress and tiredness eventually. It's different with work, having to do so much thinking and labor can really drain you.
...simple apartment building proposal to be built in El Salvador...

Economy's tight here and it's not getting any better so we're all trying to work our a** off to get by. I can say we're lucky that somehow the hours in hubs office picked up a bit more and we also have several projects to work on. You might be also getting tired seeing some other kind of articles here in jif PJ but that's something we need to do too in order to have some extra income.
...simple apartment building proposal to be built in El Salvador...

I do miss doing regular normal blogging, getting to hop and read all your blogs but time just isn't my friend right now. Nothing to really worry about because we're good and thankful for all these extra opportunities we have on our hands. I don't know how those other people who work for non profit jobs get through this economy. They must be doing magic of some sort in order to survive and live normal in this down time.
...simple apartment building proposal to be built in El Salvador...

Again thank you all for your continuous visits here. I will be sneaking on your blogs from time to time. Have a great weekend!!

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