It's been a very busy month for me and hubs and looks like there's no resting for us until we are all on board for our Philippines trip. Yes finally we're flying back home to visit my side of family and take a little vacation. Also our little boy's about to turn 1yr old and he deserves a very special celebration.

As much as I want to see the first blooms of spring here I won't ditch our trip just for that. I always wait for the cherry blossoms every year to take some nice photos but this year will be an exception. I'll just see what kind of flowers there will be by the time we all come back, that time baby will also be ready to walk around the neighborhood with mommy.

I will be missing all my favorite outdoor planters with colorful flowers which I visit every spring. Each and every outddor planter in the neighborhood has some distinct blooms, too pretty that I always can't wait for spring time to come. I remember how I love to sit by the courtyard indoor planter as I wait for hubs to be out from work. Perhaps tomorrow I'll make a quick trip with baby to see daddy in the office and to take the chance to check the indoor planters they have there if the flower has bloomed already.

Time sure flies so fast, last year I was still very pregnant when I was snapping photos around the neighborhood and our little J came out on a lovely spring time, now he's about to turn 1 in less than a week. I am excited to show baby the beautiful trees full of flowers during spring here but I am more excited of bringing him to meet my grandma, mom, dad, sis, bro and the rest of the relatives there in Manila. I'm sure we'll still get to see some beautiful blooms when we come back here =)

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3 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Have fun with your trip! :)

  2. [SK] Says:

    yeah, i'm sure your trip back to your home in Philippines will be a good one.. and celebrating Jariel's 1st birthday there??

  3. betchai Says:

    oh wow, are you in Manila now Ayie? Hope you have a safe and fun trip.

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