Sometimes I can be so cheap with certain things most especially when it involves printing. I think I prefer to be called frugal because I'm just trying to be economical with my printer ink use. In some cases I opt to simply print in draft quality because I just need a furnish copy but of course when good quality prints are needed then it's a must to do it in best print.

Though refilling inkjet cartridges can be a good option to get cheap ink, hubs don't really like it because it might damage the printer head in time. That's the very reason why I try to do my part in conserving our ink use, normal price here is about $30+ per cartridge. Expensive right? I am not sure if hubs will even consider getting refurbished cartridges in the future since those are way cheaper and more quality than usual refilling. Inkgrabber.com has a full list of different cartridges for every printer use, good price I'd say unlike what hubs always pays for!

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  1. levian Says:

    it is actually "unhealthy" to use refilled ink or refurbished cartridges,
    it will spoil the print-head in long run,
    which means you will need to get a new printer much sooner
    than when you are using the original cartridges.
    i agree that the ink are cheaper when its not original though.
    i guess it depends on which of these 2 is your priority. :)

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