I can't believe it's been two years already since I gave birth to a tiny baby boy. Time flies by so fast indeed. Our once tiny baby is now a little boy. He runs around the park with unlimited energy, climbs up the playground like a cute little monkey and plays with sand and puddles just like any other kids do. There were times when he's all wet from jumping in the puddle or going through the water fountains, those days we end up having a murky car. 

Having an active little one is not easy but it's a lot of fun. I love the chase, I love the screams, the jumping up and down and even the mess. Seeing him grow and explore makes us feel so proud and happy as parents. Though time might be scarce having all so occupied with our little boy, it's all worth the sacrifice. He'll only be a baby for a couple of years and later on he'll start doing his own things. We'll only get to cradle him while he's small because in time no more babying. 

....family picture taken April 2011...

I've got to thank all of our dear friends and readers who are ever supportive to jifPJ. I haven't had the luxury of time to visit any other blogs or do some extra things most especially this past year. My time is mostly consumed with mommy duty, taking care of daddy as well and little works and errands here and there. I've survived getting our groceries and other supplies done online, that's the most convenient and practical way for me to shop. It might not be the best way to get better deals in-store but with some resourcefulness I manage to clip some savings with my purchases. It helps to check frugaldad for amazon discounts whenever I do my shopping there.

There are many things in life that challenged me this past year having to juggle life, work and family all at once.  Prioritizing what's important and giving up some things were just among the few things I've learned.  Right now our focus is to give the most attention to our growing boy and have a little more family time together.  All work and no play isn't good right?  Pardon my absence for the coming more months, mommyhood comes first right now and helping hubs level up our business comes next.  At least I can proudly tell you all that things are getting better and we're sailing smoother this year.   
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  1. betchai Says:

    glad to see you and your family Ayie, don't worry much about not being able to visit other blogs, we have to set priorities, and I am happy for you for being able to manage everything so well. whenever we miss each other, we can always talk, though sadly, we also miss each other often in the phone. take care, and i'll be always here for jiff.

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