When you have a small place you always have to keep it really organized and at least clutter free as much as possible. This way you can utilize space and keep a roomier illusion on spaces. There are other means to trick the eyes to make a space look bigger or wider. With the use of certain patterns, it can create a visual image. Avoiding too much patterns can help give a clearer sight making the space look bigger than how it is. Horizontal or vertical patterns can help broaden visual image of a space when used correctly, otherwise it can make the space look a lot smaller. Dark and bold colors must be avoided, using brighter colors can liven up space and make it look bigger.

More walls and doors can make any room look smaller, the more opening the better. Opening up the space doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to tear up walls and male new windows and passage ways. y simply opening the door and putting over a sheer door curtain, it can give a more open approach to it without compromising privacy. Adding small decors on tight spaces can help draw focus to that object, this can help break the space. Window boxes or flower boxes can be a good addition just to give a little more character to a dull old window. A windowbox doesn't necessarily need to be bulky and big, even the smallest of it can make a difference already.

Reinventing things and being a little bit more creative is good. There are times when some changes must be done to accommodate better output, this can be best achieved when thoroughly thought of and executed. Give it a try and see all other possible options, you will never know unless you do so.
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