Hubs just finished building our home server so now I am extra busy organizing some files. The extra little time I have now goes to some more organizing though I admit it's not as tiring as moving around here at home fixing things in order since I just need to do it through the home computer network. As I was moving some folders into the server space I came across my parents' visit here last year. I kind of got stuck browsing the folder looking at all the photos we had then. Baby was way smaller and just started walking and running. Mom and dad enjoyed all the little trips we had around the city and all the beautiful flowers in bloom during their visit.

One of my most favorite place was the Hakone Gardens. Part of it is because it's a Japanese garden and another reason, the place is so beautiful. I can't wait for the flowers to be in full bloom for Spring so I could bring hubs there too. I remember how mom and dad loved the garden trellis with lavender flowers dangling its way down the pond full of Kois and some ducks. From there you have a great view of the Japanese dojo up the mountain. Beautiful isn't it?

Mom and dad are suckers for flowers so it was a great timing for them to come around Spring season. They missed the first blooms but there were still plenty of different flowers all around. They were mesmerized when I took them to the Municipal Rose Garden and Rosicrucian Museum. They wouldn't miss posing for a shot on every trellis most especially the trellises in the Rose Garden. I'd say it's like walking through the tunnel to a secret garden. The wood and vinyl trellis was almost concealed by the thick rose vines and beautiful pink-peach blooms.

It's refreshing to see them again, at least even through old photos we had together. Everybody's busy therefore we hardly talk or chat and see each other. The last time me and mom exchanged emails she mentioned about her upcoming trip to Bangkok for her research presentation and that she's hoping to be chosen to present to Las Vegas this October. If that happens then that's great, she'll get to visit us even for a little time. It doesn't matter how long but at least she'll get to see and hold Jariel once again. He's grown over the past year and it will be good for the boy to see lola mommy again.

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  1. Wow! The flowers are beautiful!

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