Happy Valentine's To All!!!

I know I am always late with my greetings but I think it's better late than never.  I hope you all had a great Valentine celebration with your special someone.  Ours was pretty simple, just here at home and enjoyed some playtime with our little boy.  I made a special dinner for all of us to enjoy and after which we watched one of baby's favorite dvd before putting him to sleep.

Though we were able to relax last night, the day was so busy that I didn't even get to turn on the computer to do anything else.  I managed to send some sms to some people and that's just about it.  Attending baby's activity session was just the start of our day the proceeded by some other errands before coming back home. One of the things that I got for our special night snack were strawberries.  I told my bes that we will use the fondue gift set she sent us last Christmas and so we did.  Right after putting baby to sleep I prepared the chocolate fondue and the strawberries, called hubs and enjoyed a nice quiet night snack.  

I didn't get the conventional flowers this Valentine's.  Hubs knew that I am not too fond of flowers and would rather have something practical so he gave me a bag full of Filipino goodies.  He put there our favorite snacks and even got baby's special yogurt drink.  I also got a special magazine to read!  I like how my big baby (daddy) thought of his gift because all of us get to enjoy it too.  I'm glad he didn't just go for those chocolate business gifts you can find almost everywhere and threw in more sentimental thoughts to his gifts. This year hubs did surprise me, I didn't know what to expect from him.  Too bad my gifts for him and baby weren't delivered yesterday, now you can tell that I'm really late on schedule with so many things.  Good thing I just received the package today and I will have something to surprise my boys!!!

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