Sharing duties is what we do, though it may seem like very simple tasks there's a whole lot more meaning when you do it together.  One best example is taking care of baby at night.  Giving a little time for mommy to prepare dinner while daddy is playing with baby is really good.  Daddy gets to spend some time with baby and mommy can concentrate making food for everybody.  

Showing baby how mom and dad help each other can promote better values for the boy.  He will learn that helping is necessary and something he should also do with mommy and daddy.  Mailbox duty is one of baby's favorite thing to do with mommy.  Though there were days when daddy gets to check and clear the mailboxes, baby surely enjoys it when it's out turn to check mail boxes.  It's like magic to him whenever he sees the tiny mail door opens and there are bunch of mails and papers in there.

There are many other chores and things to do at home that mommy and daddy try to share doing together.  Regardless if both are tired from the day's work, sharing some duties can make things lighter on their shoulders.  Keeping things this way can be beneficial for the little boy's development for him to have a great sense of responsibility too.  Sharing duties might not work for other couples and families but it certainly does for us. 

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