We have IRA and 401k investments for our future but looking at gold IRA and gold 401k the value is incomparable. Those who have invested to the IRA gold and 401k gold years back can now have a good sum of money equivalent. In case there's a need to use it's something you can hang on to.

We survived a year without me having to be employed outside and we're so thankful for that. It required very good budgeting and resourcefulness too. I had to do much freelance works to contribute to our income. Not as much as what hubs make but something to help for our expenses. So far there's no need for us to do gold IRA transfer from our regular IRA. Our start of the year has gotten better when it comes to finances and all. Hopefully we can work on our business smoothly this year so we can contribute more to our future assets and investments.

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  1. RNSANE Says:

    Unfortunately, I have no investments and lost my forensic nursing job of 21 years in massive budget cuts to the city and county of San Francisco over a year ago. I was 64-1/2 at the time. I retired and my total income, after taxes, with my pension and SS, is $3731/month. Annually, I'm making $90,000 a year less than I did when I was working. I am barely surviving, in the San Francisco area. Scary times.

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I wanna invest in Gold too...but I am not sure if it is worth it. :D

  3. Mariuca Says:

    I just dont understand all these gold stuff but I do love wearing gold... white gold dat is he he! :)

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