Nowadays it's hard to get payday loans with the current economic situation. Most lenders will turn you down if you have bad credit history or if you don't have high credit score. What if you badly need to get some payday advance but even banks won't give you a chance to get some cash advance?

For those who are looking for solution to this problem, check out Money Now! USA. It's a multiple lender payday loan search engine which can help search over 150 lenders for the highest payday loan amount that you need. Of course there are pre-qualifications but go ahead and check it if you need it.
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  1. RNSANE Says:

    No payday loans for me as my nursing position of 21 years with the city and county of San Francisco ended in massive budget cuts over a year ago. At 64-1/2, I had to retire. It's been awful as my income dropped $90,000 a year...difficult to make ends meet in the Bay area!

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