Call me ambitious but since I was a kid I always wanted a big house with nice garden and pond. Whenever I design my dream house I always put a koi pond and japanese inspired garden there no matter how small or big the lawn space is. I just love the feel of having a view of a nice garden seeing the pond and garden benches from the house.

I find it relaxing whenever I just sit on the stone benches that just totally blends in with the garden scape overlooking the koi pond and just feeding the fishes. I also love incorporating waterfalls along side stone garden benches or those low memorial benches type where you can just sit and watch the water or hear the pleasant sound of the falls.

Too bad this dream garden won't be anytime soon, it will take some time before we get to have it. Right now I'm trying to work on plans and renders making it ready by the time we can implement it already.

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3 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    So you are actually planning it already? I hope I can afford a home with a garden in the future too Ayie. :D

  2. lina Says:

    It's good to plan in advance. Hope your dreams will materialise soon.

  3. [SK] Says:

    are those sakura the cherry blossom?? they look nice, and sure can complement your dream garden ala japanese..

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