How much do you love your job? If it poses detriments to your health, will you think twice dropping it?

My line of work involves construction, I used to work in field office in a construction site. I loved it, it was exciting, challenging and a lot different than just being behind the desk drafting. As exciting it may be, there are many dangers within a construction site. Physical dangers on the other hand like falling debris, open wires, ledges or so have standard precautionary measures. Though these can be fatal at some degree, there are far more dangerous cases in such field which cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

In the construction field you can be exposed to certain dust or tiny fibers of materials like asbestos which is known to cause certain diseases. Infrequent exposure might not be so harmful but an accumulative exposure can pose a big threat to one's health. It's a known fact that these harmful materials aren't just evident in construction sites, workplaces likes offices and homes can also have these.

One way to determine if a place is contained is to call for an analysis, an asbestos survey will be conducted to check the area if it has presence of asbestos. Upon checking, it can be removed by professionals if needed. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a quote for such services if that can protect one's health. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure."

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  1. lina Says:

    Are those your current phot Ayie?

  2. Ayie Says:


    those were 5yrs ago dear... I was so young then! lol

    blurry coz it's from my cp that time =P

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