Mommy duty is not easy, everything's very time restricted. Now that baby's almost 9mos old, he's more active and awake. Putting him to sleep is a bit of a task now. He just seems to have more energy and always trying to hold his sleepiness. My life before baby came was just all work and house stuffs but now it's a lot more exciting with baby keeping most of my time. Now passing time is never dull and just plain old work busy anymore.

While other people enjoy passing time playing online games, facebooking, tweeting or simply surfing the net I am having much more fun watching my little boy move around. I know quite a number of friends who are hooked with internet slots, poker flash and other online casino games. They said it's fun dealing online and even introducing me to try blackjack download for a game sample. If I were to do extra internet stuffs I might as well just update my social networks since it's been so inactive. Well again that will all depend on any extra time baby will spare me.

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  1. nothing is more fun than spending quality time with your son.

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