We were talking casually to one friend who loves to go to Vegas, she's quite a gambler. She'll make it a point to go there with the family or even by herself or with other friends and make sure to hit up the betting tables. There are times she wins and some unlucky days too. I think she's in such time of her life in which she can enjoy such luxury and not worry much of other things.

I know how addictive it is to stay in the casino as I had a chance to go to one with mom and dad when we had a vacation. The hotel we checked in had a casino so we tried checking it out and I played some slots. It was ages ago and I can't even remember if I win or lose. Definitely I didn't spend much coz I was allotting my money to buy souvenirs.

I wonder how it would be if you win a big money in the casino. I only see things in the movie but don't really have any idea how the casino winnings are given and how the casino winnings taxes are handled. Why should there be gambling tax? I really don't understand so maybe the next time we meet with our friend I can ask her my questions. In any case that we hit Vegas or any casino nearby we'll know the terms and what goes around there.

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  1. I'm not a gambler but would love to do a tour of Vegas.

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