iPad is one of the latest addition to the Apple family. A tablet computer particularly intended for audio and other visual media applications. It's a very efficient and portable device for those who are always on the go and who love to keep themselves busy reading ebooks,watching movies, playing some music, surfing the net and even playing games. ho wouldn't love such gadget if you can do all these things and just needing to carry roughly 25oz, just like any other smartphones and netbooks.

For those who love to watch videos and having hard time to convert video formats to be able to play on iPad, ImToo video converter can do the trick for you. It's a software which converts various video formats capable of doing edits in 150 different audio and video formats. This iPad video converter must be one of the best video converter for Mac.
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  1. Mariuca Says:

    SIL has an iPAD so I've tried it out, well mostly played games on it LOL!

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