Dad took this shot, we're all so happy and you can see it clearly!

Happy weekend to all of our blogger friends and readers! We're making the most of mom and dad's stay here with us so that means not much blog hopping for me.


Have you ever experienced running low on ink when you need to print something very important? That can be really frustrating, right? It happened to us several times already and good thing we always have some spare refilled Dell cartridges. That surely saves the day.

InkGrabber.com carries genuine and remanufactured inkjet for all Dell ink cartridges and other printer models. Each and every Dell ink they carry is ISO9001 certified, guaranteed that you get quality ink for your printers. InkGrabber.com offers 90-day money back guarantee for your purchases and if there are problems like product damage or incompatibility, exchange is free of charge. They value customer's satisfaction that's why if you are dissatisfied with their product it is fast and asy to get a full refund.

Check out InkGrabber.com's online coupons to maximize your savings. Take advantage of the offers like 10% or 12% off, free mouse or free shipping.

Watching the sun as it sets makes me feel all so warm and peaceful within.

Buying scrubs online is just the same as buying in store. It is actually more convenient for those who are so busy and cannot spare some time to go to the store to look for their scrub suits. Though there are pros and cons when it comes to online buying and in store purchases. Time and convenience can count good for online but sometimes shipping can be a bit too heavy as opposed to the actual purchase. There's also inconvenience with online purchases like returns. The back and forth transactions can be quite stressful and also frustrating. You end up wasting time shipping back and waiting for the replacement to come.

For those who are more inclined with online purchase, check out http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/ to see what's in store. All purchases can be conveniently done online and with just a few clicks you can find your way to your best chosen scrubs. Whether your taste is on the traditional simple scrub to a more funky looking one, you can find it all with cool new accessories to go with it.

We had a great website that looked amazing, but something was missing. In order to take our business to the next level, we were going to have to make our site transactional, a feat in and of itself. We worked with the developer to get everything in line so that ecommerce would be a possibility for us, which meant a lot of updates to the site already in existence.

I kind of hated us to mess with things since everything was working so well, but I was promised a few small changes would mean a lot of additional revenue once we got the ordering functions up and running. Turns out, everyone was right and this is the best thing to happen to our business in over a decade. Now we've got orders coming in from all over the country which is something I never imagined possible, and I suppose it's not a bad thing to be too busy to keep up. I only wish we had invested in this technology much sooner!

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight


'nuf said right?

A car's value easily depreciates and logically it's much more practical to get a used car over a brand new car if you're on a specific budget. There are many great finds in authorized used car dealers with the help of carfax you can have the proper guide in getting your next "new" used car.

In Chicago, lifestyle can be more upscale but that doesn't mean getting used cars in Chicago is not a common thing. UsedCarsChicago101.com has a good inventory listing of newer model cars, van and SUVs. Prices depend on the year model but nonetheless competitive with other dealers. Let's say you like Honda Odyssey then you've got the right place for your purchase.

Check out UsedCarsChicago.com's featured blog post @ http://www.usedcarschicago101.com/blog/ for a more interesting read about used cars, recession and their site.


Whenever you apply for a loan there will always be a need for financial companies to check on credit score or credit status before they approve an application. It's hard to tell if it will be granted or not so you'll end up hanging for a while til a final decision's down.

Blue Global Media is one of the best affiliate network which specializes in financial products like loans and credit reports. The company has a team of committed people with the heart to give the best help possible to clients. Choose among the services offered like payday loan affiliate program or any cash advance programs and let Blue Global do the works.


We were on the way to San Francisco Airport to pick up mom and dad and while on our way I decided to brush baby's teeth..... look what my naughty boy did to his finger brush! He snatched it from me and clipped really strong in his tiny mouth. Cutie!

Investment is not just putting money here and there and waiting for it to grow like tree and bear fruits instantly. Thorough thinking and further study must be well considered before getting into anything which involves money, gold and any form of investment.

Have you ever thought which investment is better, gold IRA or plain old IRA? Gold 401k or the most common 401k? They say gold investment is greater than monetary investment as it is the purest form of money.

Gold's value stays stable and never really devalues. IRA gold, 401k gold as long as it is in gold form rest assured that the value will stay stable even if the economy goes on turmoil. Gold is not that easy to acquire but if you do better make gold IRA transfer a priority for a better investment platform.


Any guess why I love this shot so much?

Finding the right car dealer for is something very important to consider when it comes to big purchases like cars. You would have to review their history, research on their customer reviews and inventories to see and determine if the dealer pass your level of expectations and quality.

In Palm Beach Florida Nissan Dealer, the Napletons made a great history since 1931 starting with their small DeSoto franchise on Chicago's south side. Through the years the Napleton family owns and operates 64 franchises in 5 US states. Everything passed on the fourth generation of Napletons, not only the family continued the tradition in automotive industry so as the repeating clients who were so pleased with their experience with them.

Years of experience and genuine customer care made them through the years despite tough economic time. Whether you are looking for new or used cars or after getting services for maintenance and repairs, you can count on the Napletons.
Every home and any establishment needs tender loving care to keep it in mind condition. Maintenance is very important factor when it comes to home care and through this the lifespan of the entire structure and everything in it can be for prolonged use.

There are so many cleaning companies specializing on carpet cleaning and other maintenance services but can you really trust just any company without much experience? T.S.T. Inc has over two decades of cleaning and maintaining services for commercial and residential places. May it be Carpet Cleaning Westlake, Carpet Cleaning Lakeway, Carpet Cleaning Cedar Park, T.S.T. Inc puts restoration services within Austin and surrounding areas on a higher level.

This company has been established since 1983 with guaranteed services over the years. Leave the problem to them and they will do their best to resolve things for you.

Making decisions involving money and investments requires thorough thinking. You have to know stock reports and such to determine what companies to buy and portion of your assets to allocate them. Sounds complicated right? This is where Firstrade can help through there search and tools section, access to stock trading reports and other charting tools can be utilized for your advantage.

Account management with Firstrade is also a breeze. Provided that you can monitor daily balance changes, quickly access realized gains and losses, links accounts for easier access, account protection, quick account history lookout and etc. you can be more confident that your accounts are in good hands. May it be online trading, IRA accounts or mobile trading Firstrade can ease your online broker woes and worries.

Hubs celebrated his 5th year at work and everybody head out for lunch. He thought there won't be any celebration because the one who arranges for every occasion there is going to Scotland tomorrow. I even prepared packed lunch for hubs since he didn't expect there will be a group lunchout for his 5th year. Isn't it nice to have such office tradition? May it be birthdays or employment anniversaries they always see to it to celebrate it with the whole team. I believe this strengthens the bond of the entire NFC team and also relieves stress build up due to work pressures and overload.

So many events for hubs since the start of this year. First the trip back to the Philippines, then his office moved location, his employment anniversary and now even if he's regularly attending work we are kind of in vacation mode. How's this possible? Well we've been talking about his officemate's Scotland trip, golfing, eating sausages delicacy there and the nice traditional architectural landmarks of Edinburgh. We're so dreamy of his trip that we feel like we're having our own vacation. Hahaha, I'm just kidding!

Seriously speaking, we're truly having little side vacation trips here and there starting this week. It's just places around our area within at least an hour drive or so. We have special, very special guests staying with us right now and we just picked them up from the airport yesterday.... my mom and dad are here in US! They came last week but stayed first in New Jersey and id their side trips there. Now they are here with us and will be staying for about a month. Isn't it great? We'll be taking them out most specially on weekends to make the most of their trip. Perhaps I'll alternate my Manila posts with our side trips here =)

I'll keep visiting and reading your blogs though I might not have so much time leaving comments this time. I want to spend the most time possible with mom and dad too so they can enjoy me, hubs and baby J.

Recognition can do so much for someone, simple as it may seem but if meant in the sincerest manner it can be bigger than any physical reward one can have. Growing up I received many recognitions from school but what I love best was being known and acknowledged by teachers as a good student. Their recognition uplifted my self esteem and made me strive harder to be good in school until I finished my studies.

Now that I am married and also being a mother, being recognized with how I take care of both my husband and son really makes me feel great. I am not the best wife and mother but I am always trying my best to show them my love and care. I don't need nor want trophy of any sort for doing good in wife and mommy duty, just seeing them happy with me is more than enough for me.

Speaking of trophy, some people take pride when they get to receive trophies. Of course there are occasions when having a physical form of recognition is good like when you excelled in sports. Soccer trophies, golf trophies, bowling trophies, volleyball trophies and such are great keepers. These type or rewards can serve as a good reminder of your achievements with regards to sports. In some cases like work or job recognition, getting something like best employee and retirement awards can also be so fulfilling.

Have you received any special recognition or trophy that you treasure most? I want to brag about mine because I think you'll also agree with me if I say "my trophy" is the best of all. Any idea?

...he's my greatest trophy ever!...
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