I have been delayed in posting baby updates since I had to recover from giving birth and baby takes all mommy's time. So here's a series of photos and a video made by hubs previously posted which I decided to re-post for those who missed it.

This is Jifdc, and I wanted to thank everyone for sending their best wishes and prayers for our healthy boy! He is officially 1 month old and has been doing great, including mommy! Here is a slideshow of our baby with a song from one of my favorite albums (thanks Lina! - baby and I never get tired of it! - would also like to let you know that you were one of the first to know Ayie was giving birth via text - she was in the middle of labor when she read your message hahaha!). Have a wonderful March everyone!


Finally I get to cook almost as much as I did before. Since their move I get to nail down a specific schedule for my chores, usually when baby sleeps at night that's when the magic happens. I have been using my new casseroles which we received as wedding gifts. I just need to buy some other pans and cookwares that I don't have yet.

The pans that we got are stainless steel and only now I get to know about ruffoni cookware and I want to get some specialty cookware from ruffoni. I can't believe it's really a copper cookware, did you know there's such thing?

I am not too fancy with my cookware, as long as I can cook even if it's an old casserole or pan I am fine with it. I admit i like teflon pans because of the non-stick, easy to clean and no oil cooking. It can be healthier option.
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After settling all paperworks including baby's birth certificate, discharge papers and prescriptions me and hubs decided to pass by the Pharmacy and to the church before taking baby home. From the hospital we headed to get my prescriptions and then went to St. Lucy's to show and thank God of his most precious gift to us. That's officially baby's first time to be out and about.

It feels so good to finally have our baby home!

Our much awaited day in our apartment has finally come, the rest of hubs family just moved to the unit downstairs. It's the "moving day" today and despite the hassle carrying, moving and cleaning it doesn't really matter at all because everybody's happy having expanded our spaces. Now we can finally set baby's crib, changing table and other things plus set up a better work area for our home office. Them on the other hand can be more comfortable moving in their own place.

It's been tough all these past 9-10mos, we lived so crammed here and it's just not healthy for everybody both physically and emotionally. Everybody needs their own space and every family needs their own privacy. This experience has taught me and hubs many lessons and definitely stretched out our patience. It's not easy I have to admit that. Even if you are in very good terms or not with your in-laws, it will never be the same as when you live on your own. We are just happy to house them and be able to give the support that we can for the time being.

I didn't really have much participation and help with the moving since baby's all over me. Of course mommy has to take care of the little one. In fact, baby's trying to get his afternoon nap that's why I get to sneak and write about this great day! While baby's busy feeding on mommy resting on my lap, mommy's busy typing away! =P Hubs has been busy helping them out move furnitures down there and right now out and about getting our things from the storage. After 3yrs we can finally use our wedding gifts kept in the storage since it was shipped 2007. Funny that the gifts came way ahead than me and had to stay in the storage for a long time.

I was able to put baby to sleep earlier so I did some sweeping & mopping in the kitchen, at least one area done. Can't touch the living room yet because we'll have to wait for the carpet to be shampooed and steam cleaned next weekends. We're really preparing everything to be clean and orderly for our little boy, soon he'll be ready to crawl around here. I have some decors that I can put on, photos and artworks to hang on the wall and thinking of putting a window box or window flower boxes on 2 of our front windows for a little spring decoration. So many things I want to do but can't really move so I'll have to do it little by little. We have our new rugs that we can put in the bathroom and kitchen and sets of new curtains too. After that we'll just need to work on window glass insulation and work on the draft protectors. Hopefully this week we can have more progress.
Are you highly dependent on internet connection or you are the type who can live like the stone age without any techno gadget in your everyday life?

I used to be on the stone age side years back but since there's a need for me to do things using the computer may it be work or just connecting with people. Now I can say I am highly dependent on internet most especially. This is my easiest way of connecting with my family back home and all my client contacts. I do my coordination works more on email basis so internet services is a must.

Having fast and reliable internet is very important for my work so dial-up is not really an option for me. Though I must admit the fee for unlimited dial-up connection is very tempting at $9.95/mo. Perhaps if it can work as efficient as dsl service then it's definitely a great deal.


After the delivery I stayed for about 2 more days so I was discharged with baby on February 3. It was a totally new experience for me there in the hospital. I was never been hospitalized in my entire lifetime and that would be the first. A very painful yet very happy experience, ironic huh?

Since baby's normal and no complications, he was given to me the same day after he was delivered. He was just brought to the nursery for a little time to be prepared for some tests and all the things they had to do. Hubs went to check baby as they brought him to the nursery and surprisingly left me for more than an hour alone in the room! I guess daddy couldn't resist the charm of his little boy. I rested while waiting for me to be transferred to other room in the Mother and Infant Care Center, our temporary home for the time being.

The hospital had very strict rules, no visitors except for 3 people and they must be "tagged" by the hospital. It's because of the swine flu thing that's why the hospital's taking the most precautions for the newborns and recovering moms. Surprisingly I had 2 other visitors who were able to make their way in, hubs officemate and the wife of the apartment manager here. It's nice to see other people and to think hubs can't stay overnight in the hospital to be just with me. He had to leave me and baby at night. That was just so sad and hard. I could barely move because of the pains plus it's a hospital rule that we have to take baby with us at all times whether we're going to the bathroom or just walking out of the room. Imagine pushing the trolley crib while you can't even get by yourself. Worse part, baby cries once daddy leaves for the night.

I didn't get to sleep for 2 days just merely 4hrs. I just texted few people to announce I gave birth already during the sleepless nights and to my surprise Foong sms me too! He said he got my number from Lina (she texted me asking how I was doing and perfect timing, about to go to labor). So nice of him to greet me also Ladyviral. Thanks again to all who those supported and cared during my "moment". =)
Last weekend I chatted with mom and sis and photoshare some photos of baby Jariel. Mom told me she misses me and she remembered me while they were eating lunch because she cooked one of the dishes I like. I miss mom....and her cooking! ahahaha! She told me when we go back home she'll give me anything I want to eat and when they come here she'll be the one to cook! Wow, mom must be really missing her "baby" so much! Up to now she still calls me baby.

Mom said they will stay here for a month at least so we can more time together and go places. Considering only her and dad are coming they will not very interested in amusement parks and baby's still too young to go there too so we're eyeing on some nice beaches and parks. CAn be Santa Cruz beach where dad can also go fishing and we'll enjoy clam chowder there by the boardwalk, Monterey bay and see aquarium & Sausalito and just go sightseeing and maybe cruising. Those are not too far from here so it's ok. But if they wish to go far like San Diego is a nice place, undoubtedly with all the photos I've seen from Betchai. Or go to LA long beach and hollywood. I just don't know what they will enjoy much to do there.

For sure mom would want to go to the other coast and visit her bestfriend in NJ. If that's so maybe go to NY and see around! Now I'm getting so dreamy! Can also go to SC and check out Myrtle Beach Resort, see what Myrtle Beach Resorts can offer us. I believe Myrtle Beach Accommodations won't be a problem there. There are so many available packages and good rates for Myrtle Beach accomodations. But Florida and Vegas would be great to visit too! I guess I'll just have to see what will happen, I am getting carried away with the vacation thingie I'm actually forgetting I have a small boy right here =P
Do you participate in any activity to promote saving the environment?

Somehow this has become a global issue, "ways on saving the environment". Many advocates launched several projects and even commercial centers took an extra step on promoting a cleaner and greener environment. I noticed in the blogs of my Malaysian friends that there is a paper bag day there. Here as much as possible when I go to that specific grocery I see to it I use their paper bags for bagging. They have both plastic and paper bag options for their consumers and if ever I use the plastics or happen to get it from other stores, we simply use it for garbage. That is our way of recycling it. Also here they provide bins in the stores where you can just drop there your plastics for recycling. I think it's a good way of promoting little steps that can further help save the environment.

Those are just little things but other countries also have special waste treatments. Some places have industrial facilities like waste management australia and industrial cleaning services melbourne. I believe every country should have such facility so that we can preserve the environment to a better state as years go by for the younger generation.

I honestly get scared with all the news I read regarding our environment. Everything seems to be turning negative and can cause detrimental effects to all of us in the near future. Little things help so let's all try to keep it clean starting to our homes and as we go outside.
After long hours of labor, finally the stork came by and delivered our little bundle of joy! =)

I had an induced labor due to my slow labor progress for an hour since my water bag broke. I was just about 1cm from 8:00pm and the doctors want better progress not to prolong my labor too much. This time we started (actually hubs did) calling and texting family from both sides and bestfriend of course to let them know about me giving birth soon. I was still handling the contraction pains so well up to this point and I was told that with the given medicine to induce my labor expect it to be really painful. It was around 10:00pm when I started feeling stronger contractions and before 11:00pm I asked to have the epidural already. The pain was something I never felt in my life and I think I could no longer hold without the anesthesia. Hubs told me he can tell how painful it was for me since his hands got blue from my grip! =P

I was checked after few hours and within 11:00pm after the epidural was given and I was about 4cm already, that's a very good progress and baby was really cooperating and working o hard to get out of mommy. They refer to him as "happy baby", a term they use when the baby is so active during labor. Around 3:00am and still no sleep my dilation was really going better at about 7-8cm. We then assumed that by 5:000am I will be completely 10cm and will soon be ready for baby to be pushed out. After the 5:30am check I was told I can start pushing already but the nurse suggested also that I can prepare myself for another 30mins before doing so. 6:00am and we started having practice push til 6:15am, if not for this I could've not done things right and easier. The nurse who was on duty during my whole labor time was really nice and caring. She guided me through and helped me a lot before calling in the doctors for the final pushing. It's about 30min of hard work for me and baby, 6:47 he's out!.

I had to do things right or else I will be putting baby's health in jeopardy. Baby was pretty tired already from all the hard work so it was mommy's turn to do it. Hubs was there with me all along helping me during the delivery. What did he do? Well he had to hold my leg and back up during the push. I really couldn't feel my legs due to the epidural even if the dosage was lowered prior to delivery. Despite the pains, it's all worth it. Seeing my baby and feeling him come out of me was totally a different feeling. Hubs had the pleasure of cutting his umbilical cord when he came out, I witnessed that part. Baby was soon given to me after he was cleaned, that was the first time I got to touch and cradle him. It's amazing!!

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Surely everything now can be accessed through the net making tasks easier for everybody. I mentioned about having to use algebra once again for my parametric gdl designs and how much I hated doing the math. I guess I have to be ECL or Betchai to love it!

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This was the day when baby worked so hard trying to get out of mommy. He was very cooperative and really made my dilation progress great. I will just get into details later on perhaps together with baby's arrival. Hubs documented my nearing delivery after his good nap. Yes, he did sleep coz I know he'll need to have energy too to help me with my delivery.

Another good news, baby Jariel's insured already! We received all the mails from the insurance company and we have everything set for him including his vision and dental plans. The confirmation letter came just right in time when I received the bills from the clinic, that saved me a lot! Imagine he has 3 bills since he was born and from 2 clinic visits that would be more than $500 savings for us. I just called and verified his details and now I'm just waiting for the new co-pay bills no more big numbers involved! I am so relieved that our boy has his things set now we can move on planning for his baptismal.

But my insurance deal isn't really that over yet until I get into my hubs employer sponsored insurance. I am still fishing out for other companies too which can give the best deals for our goals this year. We are hoping to get our house eventually and that will be on the works once we get to save up for that (I know it could take really long considering the economy now) but hopefully the car thing will be soon enough. It would be nice if I can see nearer options like what Insurance Franklin, MA is offering both for auto and home. Auto Insurance Franklin, MA & Homeowners Insurance Franklin, MA have good numbers. Like I said still fishing out, seeing all the options possible.
When I was a kid I always get ear infection because of my naughtiness, it all started with me jumping to the pool and going crazy swimming. Since that first incident my ear got susceptible to infection and good thing my hearing didn't get affected at all. I can say I'm lucky that my parents really give so much care and attention to me.

I can't imagine losing the sense of hearing most especially those days when technology wasn't so advanced yet. Now everything is almost possible even for the hearing impaired. They have developed Cochlear implant which can improve hearing both for children and adults. How wonderful is this cochlear implants, imagine those with hearing problems can finally get their senses back working. Though this is not for everybody consultation is still needed to see if the cochlear implant surgery can work for you. This is such a great advancement in technology.
I have been bugging hubs even before I got pregnant to go to golfland to just play putting but we never had the chance to go. I saw that golf play park when we dined out last time and also somewhere along the way going to the North.

Now that I'm doing a mommy duty I can only dream about golfland. Going to Myrtle Beach Resort and just spending some leisurely time there lazing by the beach and playing some golf. Oh yes that would be great! Imagine going to Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort and just relaxing.

Myrtle Beach Resorts & Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts a nice place for some water and golf fun. I just hope our little boy will also enjoy and share the same interest as mommy and daddy soon.
We are counting days for our liberation! wohoooo! Like I said in previous posts, my husband's family are finally moving out of our place and settling in their own apartment unit. Finally after almost a year of being crammed in this place we can have our space back. I just hope the rumored 1wk (another extension after having half month extension already) extension isn't true or else me and hubs will be nuts! We badly want to set baby's things already and just have peaceful family time whenever he comes home from work. Hubs has been saying he's been missing his TV time from work just relaxing so what happens is that he turns on the computer and starts working all the way til night time or sometimes plays some games.

It's been a bind for me and hubs all these times since we felt so restricted of many things most especially getting specific items people seeing what we have. Now we can focus more on upgrading here at home from our phone service all the way to the cable service. We can enjoy more having known we have our place for ourselves alone. Speaking of which direct tv offers here in ca is just great with so much direct tv specials really good for avid watchers. They had so much more directv specials during the holidays but it wasn't timely for us to engage into any upgrade or so. But looking at what blogtelevision has to offer, we can still get almost as much directtv specials like what they had for the holidays. Just thinking of our leisure time watching as family makes me feel excited and less stressed.

We already debuted our baby but I haven't really shared what happened last January 31 prior to his early arrival. It was a busy Sunday and for some reason me and hubs decided not to go to the church to keep me exposed outside with a gloomy weather and catch colds. Many things happened also that morning. FIL's van won't start so hubs had to help him jump start and do things plus hubs decided to put the baby car seat base to make it ready anytime for baby. Me being at home didn't make me stop from working and I still moved around fixing this and that. I went through my hospital bag and baby bag and rechecked if everything's good there. Cleared some stuffs in the room and worked on some other things, even prepared lunch and dinner thought I never had a taste of that nice fish i prepared for dinner.

A little after lunch I noticed some fluid leaking and not my regular discharge, I just tried monitoring it for an hour and so and afterwards called in the hospital Labor and Delivery to ask for advice. I was told it's better if I come in for a check up so I asked hubs later in the afternoon to accompany me to the hospital to have that fluid leak checked. We came there around 6:00pm and was further assisted 7:00pm. After I was asked to give them a urine sample i had another gush of fluid leaked and it spilled right there on the floor. oh yeah what a mess! The nurses came in so i handed over the sample and told them I had some spill there too. The nurse didn't think otherwise and checked the fluid with a strip and color went blue meaning it's amniotic fluid. She also checked my sample and same color. She said I'm lucky to have spill there or else she'll have to check me using some tool to get sample, that might be ouch. Then we were told my water bag broke already and I had to stay.

Honestly I wasn't really that ready yet to be admitted to the hospital thinking we haven't set baby's crib and all waiting for my husband's family to move out our place for us to have the space for our stuffs. We also have to attend some seminars on birthing and baby care the following week and another baby shower. Those are just things not so so important but i think any mom would want to be prepared for her baby. I already had a hunch about baby coming out early and might have him by the 1st of February, I don't know how but it crossed my mind about a week or 2 ago when we did the 3d and 4d scans for baby. See, i still want to share those images but baby was quite impatient and wanted to come out fast.

this will be my fast recap on what happened during the 31st of January.... to be continued (hehe I know you guys are least interested on this since you are more after seeing baby in every post =P)

I am such a photobug and I keep snapping away whenever I can. Since baby's born I have been taking photos (sorry for not posting yet) but my time is quite limited taking care of my boys, working and attending to household stuffs. What happens is that all shots are just kept in the cam and never been uploaded in the computer.

I honestly have so much photos I'd like to share like my wedding photo album, family, fun snaps around but I think everybody's waiting for every inch of update about our little boy =) Being on the adjustment stage with his early arrival please pardon me with my post delays. I wish to do some photobooks for my wedding photo albums, baby photos, travels and all that can document each and every significant event of my life. Hopefully that I will get to do and share in time too.

What are your other options aside from your regular job employment to earn some extra cash or perks? Have you tried to take surveys or those so called paid surveys? I can tell you this works because I tried doing surveys years ago and I got checks from it. Rewarding? Yes if you get to qualify and redeem those points and cash you earned but it's very time consuming. Not all surveys are short and some even has pre-qualifying surveys which are way too long.

It was out of curiosity why I started doing surveys. I have been online all the time the whole day even at work and there were times when I have much free time just playing some online games. Seeing all the ads for the survey sites I took the initiative to join one site. Nothing serious but I was surprised when I received a notice to complete surveys and then luckily I finished one with cash value. That was great but I wasn't convinced yet until I get to receive any payment from them. I was able to pile up the cash incentives and tried redeeming the rewards. Got it! I received my checks and that's how I proved it works.

I haven't really given much attention to it lately as I have been so busy. I feel "sayang" with all the survey invites but there's just nothing I can do with my time. I can recommend this to SAHM and other people who are just trying to look for some extra opportunities. It's not as big as other online deals but if you are patient enough you can earn good enough from doing surveys. You may also check "Real Paying Online Surveys" blog for some reference. Those who might consider this seriously, your questions will be better answered there.

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