After the delivery I stayed for about 2 more days so I was discharged with baby on February 3. It was a totally new experience for me there in the hospital. I was never been hospitalized in my entire lifetime and that would be the first. A very painful yet very happy experience, ironic huh?

Since baby's normal and no complications, he was given to me the same day after he was delivered. He was just brought to the nursery for a little time to be prepared for some tests and all the things they had to do. Hubs went to check baby as they brought him to the nursery and surprisingly left me for more than an hour alone in the room! I guess daddy couldn't resist the charm of his little boy. I rested while waiting for me to be transferred to other room in the Mother and Infant Care Center, our temporary home for the time being.

The hospital had very strict rules, no visitors except for 3 people and they must be "tagged" by the hospital. It's because of the swine flu thing that's why the hospital's taking the most precautions for the newborns and recovering moms. Surprisingly I had 2 other visitors who were able to make their way in, hubs officemate and the wife of the apartment manager here. It's nice to see other people and to think hubs can't stay overnight in the hospital to be just with me. He had to leave me and baby at night. That was just so sad and hard. I could barely move because of the pains plus it's a hospital rule that we have to take baby with us at all times whether we're going to the bathroom or just walking out of the room. Imagine pushing the trolley crib while you can't even get by yourself. Worse part, baby cries once daddy leaves for the night.

I didn't get to sleep for 2 days just merely 4hrs. I just texted few people to announce I gave birth already during the sleepless nights and to my surprise Foong sms me too! He said he got my number from Lina (she texted me asking how I was doing and perfect timing, about to go to labor). So nice of him to greet me also Ladyviral. Thanks again to all who those supported and cared during my "moment". =)
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10 Responses
  1. fufu Says:

    yeah have enough rest...still a long way to go ya... taking acre of a baby is not an easy task...all the best =p

  2. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Poor you..didn't get to rest while in the hospital. I stayed only one night after my delivery and I had good rest coz the nurse only brought Baby to me for nursing (anyway no milk yet..hehe).

  3. Merryn Says:

    Motherhood.. :) I'm sure everything's much better now? hugs ayie :)

  4. lina Says:

    hihihi... I texted Foong shortly after I got your msg that you gave birth. :D

    There's alwas a first. First hospital night, first baby.... *^-^*

  5. [SK] Says:

    wow, sms-ing the whole night long?? guess you must have lots of friends, and is very popular among your friends.. :)

  6. mimi Says:

    wow..its magical!i want a baby!i want a baby also..hehehe

  7. Tekkaus Says:

    Aww....so cute? And must be tagged? :p

  8. iamthewitch Says:

    Congratulations ayie! He's so very cute! And peaceful. :)

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I'm glad you're home now to rest! Beautiful boy, Ayie!

  10. betchai Says:

    how are you Ayie? glad all went well during birth and after birth. hope you and your family (hubby and baby boy) are having a great weekend.

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