Climate change, I'd say there has been an extreme change here. We actually had a dry fall and winter, the anticipated rains didn't come though we're quite experiencing a slightly late winter right now. Weird right? The dryness actually scares us of the coming "hotter" summer season. When it's hot here then it's too darn hot.

Funny that when it's freezing cold we kind of complain that we couldn't enjoy the outdoors. That wasn't the case this winter since it's been pretty much pleasantly cool and warm on most days. We actually go to the parks almost everyday and stroll around the neighborhood just like what we do during Spring time.

Since there wasn't enough rains unlike last year, the snow was also very scarce. I guess you can't have the best of everything. We brought baby to Nevada to enjoy sledding and experience snow once again but it wasn't as much as before. We were lucky enough to see a good snowy area enough to play but no snowman building this time around.

The rain chains hanging on the cabins along the way were not all frosty like before. If last year we were mesmerized by the winter wonderland feel upon driving through the snowy roads and snow capped mountains, it was mostly dry with little patches of snow under the shaded trees. The icicle chains rain frozen before were at no sight at all, just plain hanging rain chain and not frozen anymore.

The rivers and streams were all just flowing though I can't forget that great view of the railroads with hanging icicles under its bridge. That's the most of what we saw for our little snow trip. Nevertheless it was fun and worth remembering, we're lucky to even find a place to do some sledding. The climate might have changed but we tried to enjoy it as much as we can.


Hubs just finished building our home server so now I am extra busy organizing some files. The extra little time I have now goes to some more organizing though I admit it's not as tiring as moving around here at home fixing things in order since I just need to do it through the home computer network. As I was moving some folders into the server space I came across my parents' visit here last year. I kind of got stuck browsing the folder looking at all the photos we had then. Baby was way smaller and just started walking and running. Mom and dad enjoyed all the little trips we had around the city and all the beautiful flowers in bloom during their visit.

One of my most favorite place was the Hakone Gardens. Part of it is because it's a Japanese garden and another reason, the place is so beautiful. I can't wait for the flowers to be in full bloom for Spring so I could bring hubs there too. I remember how mom and dad loved the garden trellis with lavender flowers dangling its way down the pond full of Kois and some ducks. From there you have a great view of the Japanese dojo up the mountain. Beautiful isn't it?

Mom and dad are suckers for flowers so it was a great timing for them to come around Spring season. They missed the first blooms but there were still plenty of different flowers all around. They were mesmerized when I took them to the Municipal Rose Garden and Rosicrucian Museum. They wouldn't miss posing for a shot on every trellis most especially the trellises in the Rose Garden. I'd say it's like walking through the tunnel to a secret garden. The wood and vinyl trellis was almost concealed by the thick rose vines and beautiful pink-peach blooms.

It's refreshing to see them again, at least even through old photos we had together. Everybody's busy therefore we hardly talk or chat and see each other. The last time me and mom exchanged emails she mentioned about her upcoming trip to Bangkok for her research presentation and that she's hoping to be chosen to present to Las Vegas this October. If that happens then that's great, she'll get to visit us even for a little time. It doesn't matter how long but at least she'll get to see and hold Jariel once again. He's grown over the past year and it will be good for the boy to see lola mommy again.


Happy Valentine's To All!!!

I know I am always late with my greetings but I think it's better late than never.  I hope you all had a great Valentine celebration with your special someone.  Ours was pretty simple, just here at home and enjoyed some playtime with our little boy.  I made a special dinner for all of us to enjoy and after which we watched one of baby's favorite dvd before putting him to sleep.

Though we were able to relax last night, the day was so busy that I didn't even get to turn on the computer to do anything else.  I managed to send some sms to some people and that's just about it.  Attending baby's activity session was just the start of our day the proceeded by some other errands before coming back home. One of the things that I got for our special night snack were strawberries.  I told my bes that we will use the fondue gift set she sent us last Christmas and so we did.  Right after putting baby to sleep I prepared the chocolate fondue and the strawberries, called hubs and enjoyed a nice quiet night snack.  

I didn't get the conventional flowers this Valentine's.  Hubs knew that I am not too fond of flowers and would rather have something practical so he gave me a bag full of Filipino goodies.  He put there our favorite snacks and even got baby's special yogurt drink.  I also got a special magazine to read!  I like how my big baby (daddy) thought of his gift because all of us get to enjoy it too.  I'm glad he didn't just go for those chocolate business gifts you can find almost everywhere and threw in more sentimental thoughts to his gifts. This year hubs did surprise me, I didn't know what to expect from him.  Too bad my gifts for him and baby weren't delivered yesterday, now you can tell that I'm really late on schedule with so many things.  Good thing I just received the package today and I will have something to surprise my boys!!!

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Sharing duties is what we do, though it may seem like very simple tasks there's a whole lot more meaning when you do it together.  One best example is taking care of baby at night.  Giving a little time for mommy to prepare dinner while daddy is playing with baby is really good.  Daddy gets to spend some time with baby and mommy can concentrate making food for everybody.  

Showing baby how mom and dad help each other can promote better values for the boy.  He will learn that helping is necessary and something he should also do with mommy and daddy.  Mailbox duty is one of baby's favorite thing to do with mommy.  Though there were days when daddy gets to check and clear the mailboxes, baby surely enjoys it when it's out turn to check mail boxes.  It's like magic to him whenever he sees the tiny mail door opens and there are bunch of mails and papers in there.

There are many other chores and things to do at home that mommy and daddy try to share doing together.  Regardless if both are tired from the day's work, sharing some duties can make things lighter on their shoulders.  Keeping things this way can be beneficial for the little boy's development for him to have a great sense of responsibility too.  Sharing duties might not work for other couples and families but it certainly does for us. 

I can't believe it's been two years already since I gave birth to a tiny baby boy. Time flies by so fast indeed. Our once tiny baby is now a little boy. He runs around the park with unlimited energy, climbs up the playground like a cute little monkey and plays with sand and puddles just like any other kids do. There were times when he's all wet from jumping in the puddle or going through the water fountains, those days we end up having a murky car. 

Having an active little one is not easy but it's a lot of fun. I love the chase, I love the screams, the jumping up and down and even the mess. Seeing him grow and explore makes us feel so proud and happy as parents. Though time might be scarce having all so occupied with our little boy, it's all worth the sacrifice. He'll only be a baby for a couple of years and later on he'll start doing his own things. We'll only get to cradle him while he's small because in time no more babying. 

....family picture taken April 2011...

I've got to thank all of our dear friends and readers who are ever supportive to jifPJ. I haven't had the luxury of time to visit any other blogs or do some extra things most especially this past year. My time is mostly consumed with mommy duty, taking care of daddy as well and little works and errands here and there. I've survived getting our groceries and other supplies done online, that's the most convenient and practical way for me to shop. It might not be the best way to get better deals in-store but with some resourcefulness I manage to clip some savings with my purchases. It helps to check frugaldad for amazon discounts whenever I do my shopping there.

There are many things in life that challenged me this past year having to juggle life, work and family all at once.  Prioritizing what's important and giving up some things were just among the few things I've learned.  Right now our focus is to give the most attention to our growing boy and have a little more family time together.  All work and no play isn't good right?  Pardon my absence for the coming more months, mommyhood comes first right now and helping hubs level up our business comes next.  At least I can proudly tell you all that things are getting better and we're sailing smoother this year.   
Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, 
for love is not ours to command.
~Alan Watts~
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Happy Birthday to our dear baby J!!!!

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