I love keeping some frozen turkey patties in the fridge as it comes handy when we all of a sudden crave t eat some burger.  We're not diet crazy family but we try our best not to eat junk foods much so we can introduce a healthier diet to our growing boy.  Of course I would love to have a bite of Burger King's flame grilled patties but sometimes we just need to settle with what we have at home.  

I always just improvise when it comes to cooking.  Not all the time I'll have all ingredients to complete a dish, this won't keep me from proceeding with my cooking.  Just like this HOME-burger that we had one of those dinners, can you spot what's missing?  Yup, lettuce!  No lettuce available in my veggie tray so I used my ever ready Sauerkraut.  Why not?

J is not so fond of burgers, I can count how many times he has eaten burgers.  I remember one night when baby asked me for hamburger after seeing it on a TV commercial while we were watching together, good thing I had the basics: turkey patty, cheese slice, bread.  It wasn't even a hamburger bun but he was pretty much satisfied after convincing him for a while to have a teeny weeny bite. 
Hello!  It's been so long since my last input here.  My boy has been growing and I have been missing so much time to share my little boy's fun activities.  He's almost 3yrs old now and it seems like days are passing by so fast.  His speech has improved a lot this past month, constructing simple sentences and learning how to put words all together. That also means he's starting to learn how to reason out, testing how to use his new found words.

I love seeing him playing most especially when he gets his hands with boxes.  he will pretend like it's his house, bed or whatever.  Of course those boxes don't last so long after a long abuse from active play.  Just look at how he's stretching out that box. 

One morning he got out of bed too early and went to his play area.  He was suspiciously quiet so I went to check, only to find him snug in a box.  I never thought he'll ever pay attention to that bin cart box since it's open on both ends and folds.  He eventually found his way on how to play with it.

This one is when he's the happiest, when he saw a huge box delivered that day.  He claimed it as his bed since it's big enough to accommodate his length.  Don't think it was just plain laying down on that box, he grabbed his blanket and pretended sleeping there as well aside from marching on top and doing all sort of things. 
Moving is never easy, there's just so much work to do like packing then unpacking later on. Having to settle down right away is not as simple as it sounds, it will take days or even weeks before you really finish arranging everything. Not to forget the back breaking carrying of those big and heavy furniture which you have to move here and there before finding the perfect spot to place it. Imagine how harder it would be if you were to move internationally, that sounds more like a total chaos.

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Finding the right company for your moving needs will require certain amount of research to know which one among the lists of removal companies can do the right job for you. The removalists can further guide you through the selection process and once you've narrowed down the lists, the removals process can already take place.

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