I met Ana Daisy year 2004 when hubs who was just dating me that time asked me if I can go with him to his sister. I went with him and he introduced me to her, through a silent prayer. Yes you're seeing it right, she's already up there watching over us here. My husband loves his sister so much and meeting her was something very meaningful to him. When hubs left 2005 to go back here in US I took over one of things that he always does before during his stay in the Philippines, cleaning and painting the tombstone for his dear little sister. I did that for 5yrs til we left for my migration. I also visit Daisy and put flowers whenever possible and most especially on special dates. I remember coming back sometime April 2007 with hubs before we got married. He told her the good news and asked for her blessings. You might find it silly us talking to a tombstone but for hubs it's something sacred.

Daisy passed away at a very young age and her remains were brought to the Philippines when hubs and his family migrated there after years of living here. They wanted a fresh new start away from the memories they had here. If you remember my post before about Enoc the older half brother for hubs, they both had the same fate. They were taken down by brain tumor and nothing more could be done to save them. With these incidents in the family we got quite alarmed and asked the doctors if it's genetic or hereditary. It scared us for our future generation. We were told anyhow that it's not genetic and how it occurred can't really be explained by science.

It's very unfortunate that people lose their loved ones in a very painful way. Having incurred something that has no cure and no matter how much you fight for your life still you'll fall to the pit. That's why it inspires me whenever I read or come across a story of hope and survival from such illness. How they did it or how it came to happen, I don't know. Just like the book Paul Cross made to inspire all those who have Mesothelioma disease which aims to give hope to those who need it. It discusses about the nature and effects of the disease and how he miraculously overcome the disease. It also suggests how to get mesothelioma lawyer or mesothelioma attorney if you happen to get affected by the disease enabling you to know your rights to get your means in securing procedures for treatments. This is for everybody, for those who wish to see light and hope in times of distress, we just have to believe and keep fighting.

Our Boracay experience 3years ago was something very memorable and meaningful both to me and hubs. It was our first travel alone together not only as a regular couple but as husband and wife. It was really fun and relaxing at the same time.

After reading witch's posts about their honeymoon, it made me remember our own paradise escapade. Now that we have our baby next time we go there Jariel will be the one to fully enjoy the experience with mom and dad. Seeing how much he enjoys his tub bath makes me imagine I won't have a hard time introducing the sand and water to him and probably have problems pulling him out of the water instead.

I wish to relive the moments we had in that island years ago but can't really travel yet. We're hoping to come back home for a visit on 2011 but that's not part of our itinerary. We'll be going to other islands there where hubs haven't been to. The nearest experience I can picture right now is to go to a resort in Myrtle Beach. It will also require us to fly since Myrtle Beach Resort is not too near here where we live. The oceanfront Myrtle Beach hotel somehow has a similar feel to the place just laying near the ocean and with its own pool facility. Something I can't find in the other beaches and resorts nearby.

We have IRA and 401k investments for our future but looking at gold IRA and gold 401k the value is incomparable. Those who have invested to the IRA gold and 401k gold years back can now have a good sum of money equivalent. In case there's a need to use it's something you can hang on to.

We survived a year without me having to be employed outside and we're so thankful for that. It required very good budgeting and resourcefulness too. I had to do much freelance works to contribute to our income. Not as much as what hubs make but something to help for our expenses. So far there's no need for us to do gold IRA transfer from our regular IRA. Our start of the year has gotten better when it comes to finances and all. Hopefully we can work on our business smoothly this year so we can contribute more to our future assets and investments.

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...baby jariel @ 2wks old...

Mommy's very busy so she asked me to just say Happy Monday to all...
oh boy, I feel very sleepy.


Call me ambitious but since I was a kid I always wanted a big house with nice garden and pond. Whenever I design my dream house I always put a koi pond and japanese inspired garden there no matter how small or big the lawn space is. I just love the feel of having a view of a nice garden seeing the pond and garden benches from the house.

I find it relaxing whenever I just sit on the stone benches that just totally blends in with the garden scape overlooking the koi pond and just feeding the fishes. I also love incorporating waterfalls along side stone garden benches or those low memorial benches type where you can just sit and watch the water or hear the pleasant sound of the falls.

Too bad this dream garden won't be anytime soon, it will take some time before we get to have it. Right now I'm trying to work on plans and renders making it ready by the time we can implement it already.

Hubs has this friend who keeps calling him asking for their online Battlefield, Red Alert or Command and Conquer games. It's okay once in a while or even once a week but it seems like he wants it even everyday if possible. It's good that hubs get to play a little and relax after work but he admits that he doesn't have the luxury of time like what his friend has to just keep playing. We have more important things to do but once a week gaming isn't bad.

Sometimes we joke around that what his friend needs is to have his kid so he can have someone to play with and spend his time with. He seems not to be a very busy person like us so he has more time to spare doing other leisure stuffs. Or perhaps we suggest Pokerstars download or full tilt poker download for him to have something new to play around. Not a bad idea since it's free with the PokerStars bonus code, he's not getting into any compromise after all. Sometimes hubs just simply want to do his things but he doesn't want him to feel bad not giving way to his whims =P



Baby's growing and it's getting harder for us to carry may things in our compact car. Putting the infant carrier alone in the car is not that convenient considering we only have 2-doors and he has to be placed rear facing on the back seat. It was easier before when he was newly born since he's lighter, but now he's getting chunky and heavy =)

...@ 1week...

We finally have the funds needed for our car addition so thinking if it should be small or big. Ideally we want SUV type body so it has good space even if we need to carry bulky things like stroller, car tools, infant carrier and groceries. Size is the first and foremost consideration but prices must be highly considered too. Kia Sorento prices and Ford Fusion prices are a bit too high for our budget now but looking at the body, it's very ideal for our needs. If we don't need to have size consideration, cute small cars can be good to have considering mazda Mazda3 prices and Honda Fit prices are just right. I guess baby will decide which one he likes best =P

...@ 2months...

SIL finally is on break from school (5th grade) and we're suggesting they go to Myrtle Beach Resort for some good time in the beach. Even though we know Myrtle Beach Resorts too far from here, it's still okay since it's a week long vacation and they can see other places and appreciate the trip more. We can only suggest since we can't go and join them, me and hubs are working plus baby.

We were laying out all activities they can possibly do there like golfing, watch some shows, eat out and shopping. There are also some amusement parks for kids within the vicinity so kids can really enjoy. Knowing SIL's creative side, she can also enjoy building sand castles. Perhaps staying in Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort will be best for them. With so much Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resorts accommodations there, they can just choose which suits their budget best. Whatever their decision will be, whether they will go or not we hope they will get SIL involve with some good activities before she goes back to school.

We are almost done fixing the apartment, few more things to organize and install. Most of the cleaning's done so we're taking it easy. It's been tiring for the past weeks since we needed to get some furnitures and groceries at the same time. Now we're working on all our paperworks and mails. It all piled up so clearing it will also take time.

One thing that we noticed, despite doing so much workloads here at home we don't get too stressed even if we are physically tired. It's so much better than having a "worn out" mind! Before we get so stressed emotionally feeling so crammed and wanting some space. Now we can really say everything's getting better.

Here are some photos taken during the busiest times here. See that big pile of boxes and things by the dining area? All those were in the room before and we finally brought it all out to give way to the crib and changing table for baby. I will update with the after photos once we're done here. Maybe next week we'll be all settled.

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Last Sunday while mommy was busy cooking and daddy watching TV holding me I was trying to tell him something but he was too occupied. Mommy heard me and told daddy I was talking to him and to his surprise daddy saw me doing something. Any guess?

Yes! I discovered my thumb finally! Mommy was trying to teach me where's my thumb whenever she sees me trying to suck my tiny fingers though I know she wouldn't really like me thumbsucking that much. She just finds it cute seeing me struggling with my fingers and she feels bad I couldn't do it right. Daddy exclaimed, "Look he finally found his thumb!" Guess who documented it.... of course mommy! She quickly grabbed the camera and just snapped shots. How about her cooking? Well mommy left it for a while to attend to me and see my discovery. Little do they know I got them hooked to put what they are doing aside and just give me undivided attention! I'm the boss around here =D
Oooops, nothing explicit here so just read along to know what it's all about.

Since giving birth and coming back home with our baby many changes happened most especially with my schedule. Now I have to fit my work, house chores and other things with baby's schedule. Of course baby comes first, he needs all the love and proper care for him to be healthy and grow up well.

Before I used to just worry about cooking our meals, cleaning the apartment, prepare hubs' things & lunch and do my works. It's practically a routine for me even going out to do grocery and all. Now that baby's here I have been confined at home and only time we go out is to have him get some sun in the morning and when we go with daddy to do things around. I also can't do all the cooking, cleaning and works on a specific schedule. My schedule and time revolves around baby now. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining =)

I can say what I've learned through the past 2months is how to master the art of "QUICKIE". Quickie because I have to do all things faster than usual so when I hear baby calling out on mommy I can just go and rush to his needs. I used to cook leisurely, as you all know I love to cook but I do quick meals now. I don't use instant foods or ready refrigerated meals, I cook from scratch so it still makes me wonder how I can come up with the same old dishes in such time. Even with bathing I have to do it quick too most especially when baby's not in deep slumber. He feels whenever mommy's out of bed and not in the room so he wakes himself and calls me to either just be with him or feed him.

It's challenging being a mom and a wife at the same time. I want to make sure I provide the best for my baby and still be able to take care of the big daddy. Right now since the extended family's move I get to manage my time more too. I take care of baby the 24/7 and get to sneak working on my projects and sidelines when he sleep during the day. My cooking, home organizing and cleaning happens every night again when he's sleeping soundly. I usually wait for his midnight feeding then when all my chores are done that's when I sleep finally. I still wake up for baby's feeding overnight about 2-3 times and by 5am at least start preparing breakfast for me and hubs. I am happy that I can do all these things, it's hard but do-able. I try to take care of myself too because only that way I can provide well for my baby and husband. I get to sleep with baby sometime in the morning or afternoon for extra 2hrs. So there's a quickie sleep for me too =)

Hubs and I wanted to chill out and relax but our weekends required us to do so much things. Last Saturday we finally had the carpet cleaned and we took the chance to get a dining set, couch, recliner and groceries while waiting for the carpet to dry. We were lucky to find good deals that day and surprisingly able to find the major things that we need here at home. Looks like we have our lucky charm with us, in such time frame we finished our shopping deals and got home with an almost dry (slightly damp) carpet. The furnitures were also delivered on time so we were all set to re-arrange and work on baby's crib and changing station.

Saturday was tiring but we felt so accomplished. Sunday was more tiring than Saturday because of all the physical labor lifting, moving and building things. I was up early to start cooking our meals while baby and hubs were still in deep slumber. I made sure I was clear with our meals so I can be ready to help hubs once he starts moving things around. Baby also won't let me cook at times so I need to sneak and do things while I can. Once I hear him scream in a certain way calling out for mommy saying "I want milk" it's totally a panic. My boy is too impatient for me to keep him waiting.

Our Easter Sunday was spent doing housework and too bad we weren't able to go to church. We're still not fully done with our home but only minor things to work on. I am still planning to get some photo frames, lamps and figuring out where to buy musical instruments so I can check out a piano/organ to add in our abode. Not much on decors because it won't also be safe for baby to be around so much stuffs and once he starts crawling and grabbing things around I'll have to keep all those things.
It's been a week since the move happened but up to now we're still not settled here in our place. Not that we stopped moving and doing things but we're still waiting for the carpet cleaners to do their job. We really want to start anew here and cleaning everything for our baby is just the way to do it. We're still working on our goal to get our own house but for the meantime we have to continue staying here for economical reasons.

This apartment may be old and poorly insulated but having it located in a very good neighborhood plus walking distance to downtown area, what more can we ask for? It's just unfair with the management that they raised the rent without doing any upgrade for the units or maintenance. Also since the economy dropped many tenants left and they advertised the open units with a price lower than what we pay now. That's just so unfair!

I looked through other apartment units not only here in our area just to check how much is the rent and so far in our area we have the best rate. To my surprise apartments in North Carolina have very good rates which can never be seen around here not even in Oakland or San Jose. People who live in NC apartments are lucky to have such rent rates most especially with this so-so economy. I can say I am happy where we are even if how many times I compare North Carolina apartments and our old little place. Somehow I feel at home here. To think it's not that bad since if we really talk of expensive places then I can bet our rent is even better than San Francisco and the east coast area.


Mommy told me to greet all our friends "Happy Weekend!"

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