Mommy told me to greet all our friends "Happy Weekend!"

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24 Responses
  1. betchai Says:

    happy weekend, oh, the smile looks so vibrant. am sure mommy and daddy are in heaven seeing those smile. happy weekend to all of you.

  2. Mariuca Says:

    Happy weekend cutie pie, what an adorable pic Ayie! :)

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Hie. Awww....you are so cute. I wink back at you cutie pie. ;)

  4. iamthewitch Says:

    Such a cutiepie!!! Btw ayie, I tried to email u using your 'Contact Me' link on your blog but it doesn't go through! What's your email address??

  5. Merryn Says:

    Happy weekend to you too cutie! He's just so cute.. :D

  6. lina Says:

    The cutie pie winked at us! LOL

  7. Anya Says:

    Big lovely boy :))))))

    Have a



    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya & Family

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Easter, Ayie!

    He has such a beautiful smile..

  9. [SK] Says:

    oh, cute cute little boy.. happy easter to you too~~ :)

  10. Ayie Says:


    oh we can't resist the little one when he smiles so sweetly and naughty like that... so adorable!

  11. Ayie Says:


    one of my fave shot!

  12. Ayie Says:


    winky winky! hehe

  13. Ayie Says:


    ooops..."he" willie

  14. Ayie Says:


    Hi! i emailed you...hope you got it

  15. Ayie Says:


    you have a cutie pie too =)

  16. Ayie Says:


    so cute!!!

  17. Ayie Says:


    happy easter!!

  18. Ayie Says:


    i love his smile =)

  19. Ayie Says:


    thanks...he's my precious one

  20. mimi Says:

    he is so cute, ayie!! i am sure you cant resist to kiss+hug him repeatedly!again and again..hahaha

  21. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Oh..he is so cute. Is that a smile? ^_^

  22. J.H Says:

    he is soooo adorable! What a smile that will melt anyone's heart.

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