Not everybody wants to have a baby, instead taking care of puppies and dogs becomes their passion. For me and hubs we can consider having pets around but nothing can ever replace the joys of having our own little one. It's true that having a baby is a life changing experience, for some people it can be good but others the other way around.

Over here pets most especially dogs are way over pampered just like babies. That explains why there are even specialized pet supplies stores like their very own grocery stores here. I'm not surprised anymore seeing pet clothes, toys and goodies even in local grocery's pet supplies aisle. One thing that amazed me though are the dental toys and treats for these over pampered pooches which amazingly look like baby's toys. Crazy huh? I never thought puppies and even older dogs have teethers too!

Yes teethers, and to top that off doggie dental treats like Nylabone Nubz edible dental chews. It's made of highly digestible natural ingredients, no added preservatives and it helps clean dogs' teeth, promoting healthy gums and fresh breath. I bet all the dog lovers out there who care for their pooches like their very own babies wouldn't mind at all rushing to get some supplies to stock up on these goodies for their pampered pooches. Where to get these goodies? Check out Costco and good news to member because you can get discounts with the Costco monthly coupon book. Supplies won't last that long so better hurry up and grab Nubz while it last!

I mentioned previously about our architecture business undergoing registration process, we're still waiting for the quote and from there we'll know what to do next. We're not really rushing on it but if the process will be fast and efficient then I guess we'll have work double time with the website.

The official website is under construction as we're still working on the plans and models of the houses and other renders that we plan on putting there. We're also reviewing which will be our web hosting site and if we further need to get managed hosting and colocation services. Even online set-up isn't that easy if you don't have the full-time to work on it. Just keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully we'll hear from our contact person soon how much is the registration and when can we really start using the business name legally.

Internet has been my "friend" here since it keeps me in touch with my family, friends and it even helps me a lot when it comes to my freelancing works and online side business. I get to coordinate my architectural jobs online or via email without having to go out to meet with the client. This saves me time and travel plus very convenient for me being a full time mom at the same time.

So far everything's working out fine and we're progressing with our home business. It takes good amount of effort and patience but we're getting there. Our focus is not just the earnings we get, we also look on the brighter side of this kind of work set-up. Right now our first priority is our baby and we're very happy to be hands on with him, something I can't do if I am employed somewhere else. On our business side, we'll soon be able to launch our architecture/design website.

I don't know exactly and can't really tell when things will roll but we're taking little steps now to legalize everything starting from the name/company registration. Once we're settled on that then we'll be in full swing with retargeting our site and remarketing our services. We can make use of some help from retargeting companies to broaden our contacts and further distribute our banners and ads. Just one step at a time and we'll see from there how it goes.

I didn't know what to prepare for dinner yesterday until I remembered having leftovers to finish in the fridge. We had 2 suman or Filipino glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, a good big slice of garlic bread from a whole loaf and giniling or ground beef casserole cooked with carrots, peas, potatoes and raisins.

I always find ways how to serve leftovers like brand new foods, trying to be creative and innovative with my cooking. I remembered mom frying the suman when it's almost getting stale so I did too. The difference is that she rolls it with sugar after frying and I thought of wrapping it with bacon instead to make it more matching with the leftover bread dish.

Then for the garlic bread I just topped it with giniling and finished the remaining quick melt and mozzarella cheeses I had. Sprinkled some Ancho chili powder and Italian herbs and spices and toasted it. Easy, economical and tasty dinner for us.

Do you like "recycling" or reinventing dishes too from leftovers? Happy weekend!
Yesterday I received a special mail from Malaysia, a cute Cambodia keychain and postcard. Those souvenirs are well-traveled from Cambodia, to Malaysia then here in US. Thanks Foong for sending me my prize for your blog contest/draw. Now I have something to add to my keychain collection.

I was startled with the hard knocking on our door but I couldn't just run for it since I was putting baby to sleep and nursing him. Good thing baby fell asleep just in time and the mailman was patient enough to wait for me. A bit annoyed at first when I rushed to door because I was also trying to sleep same time with baby for a little nap and that just really woke me up. How I wish there are wall mounted mailboxes for all the units here so some mails, parcels and small packages can be left there if not in the mailbox infront of the building. Though I can't really complain because even if we have a wall mount mailbox, the mail won't be left there if signature's needed.

I was actually wondering what that mail was until I saw the stamps! I thought I'll just be receiving it like any regular mails but it looks like Foong paid for a better and secured delivery =) Again thanks for the souvenirs, love it!


This is the only summer that we never went to the beach! We are very laid back at home this summer with baby around. It's hard to go on long trips because baby doesn't like being strapped and buckled for a long time. We can't be so lenient with him because we don't want to get in trouble and get cited with ticket for that reason. Also it's so much safer if baby settles down and just stay buckled. It's okay with me staying home as long as baby's with me, I have so much joy taking care of this little boy. He keeps me sane even with the extreme temperature that we're experiencing.

Can you believe it, summer's almost over but all of a sudden a heat wave caused severe hot weather here? Yesterday was terrible with temperature around 98-100F and today 91-94F (that's around 40+C). Terribly hot right? Baby's lucky because mom's package came already and he has "aircool" tanktop (similar to finely netted fabric) which kept him cooler than wearing a shirt. He also has cute little sleeveless tops dad sent him before. Anybody will sweat like a pig being roasted with such heat. We had to make use of all the exhaust fans, electric fans and air cooler at the same time to keep our place in tolerable temperature. It feels so good right now that it's a lot better than yesterday. I can feel a good cool breeze from the window.

We didn't bother going out to do our walk and get some sun anymore. I tried searching on the net with the topic "beating the summer heat" and it lead me to several sites including http://www.myrtlebeachgolf.net. A lot of Myrtle Beach golf courses were given together with Myrtle Beach golf packages. I know golf is something good to do on sunny days but I don't think I'd dare play even some rounds under scorching heat, I might just faint on the grass! Finally after several more searches I got more valuable tips to promote passive cooling at home. I had to apply it right away with whatever we have here to make it work or else it could've been like an oven in here. Oh well it looks like it will be better tomorrow and I have to retire for tonight. Baby's almost waking up for his feeding and I'm getting really sleepy. g'nightie!!

We didn't go out last Sunday because we were out and about Saturday and we wanted to take some time to rest. Since we stayed home the whole Sunday, we missed the church mass. Usually when we go out on Sundays during the entire spring and summer we take baby to the park just right behind the church or go somewhere else. It's nice to walk there with so much greens and pond where you can watch colorful ducks swimming or resting by the lawn.

There's a good area in that park where you can have barbeque and enjoy a picnic. It's semi enclosed with plants and you'll enter through garden arbors. I don't recall how many arbor doorways within the whole circular picnic and activity area but it looks so beautiful most especially looking from a distance. Hubs will always mention we'll have a barbeque day out there in time and for me not to work hard cooking and preparing we'll just get something that we can eat there. That thought won't be anytime soon because it's going to be cold outdoors. Whenever that may be I'm sure that would be fun.


Last week was very busy for the 3 of us, me, hubs and baby had to go out last Saturday with some friends who wanted to celebrate my birthday ahead. I didn't want to go out most especially in the afternoon because mom told me they are not going anywhere so we can chat but we're already compromised. Anyway I'll skip the details for that Saturday's event and will just tell more about Sunday.

Last Sunday I just turned 29 and I will say it's a very special year for me because this is my first birthday celebrating it with baby. It just makes it a whole lot more meaningful. No silver not even any gold gift can ever replace the joy I feel inside being with our little boy and hubs. Hubs on the other hand made me open his gifts before we even had our breakfast. I still don't have the photos to show you, perhaps I will blog about it later on so I'll keep it a secret for now.

We went to attend Sunday mass and browsed around the church thrift shop where they had a good stack of cook books which I didn't get to resist. Luckily the books are on special sale, $2 for a bag of books. I don't know how many I grabbed but I surely got a lot! Hubs had to carry it for me and also pay for it since I forgot to go to the bank and get some cash, I didn't even have coins with me that day. =P

After our little book shopping from the thrift store we headed for our late lunch. We decided to go to the Tony Roma's nearby to enjoy some tasty back ribs. Hubs has never eaten there so am I and it was a very good choice for us. We love the foods from appetizers to main courses. The serving was big and we didn't have any room for dessert. At first hubs thought he can make room for some sweets after the meals but he thought wrong, we even had to bring home the leftover appetizers. After our late lunch we headed back home and just decided to rest and take an afternoon nap with baby. We're really tired because of all the house cleaning the previous day before going to that dinner so that nap was like the best therapy for our aching bodies.

Hubs and baby made my day very special. The quality time we all spent together is something money can never buy. Also thanks to all who texted, emailed & greeted me in facebook (Marzie, Foong, Tekkaus, Fufu, SK and other non-blogger friends). Btw, the photos are not so good because I used the videocam =P

High school was fun and it's where I met my good friends who are still in touch with me up to now. That time also was my training towards my independence in the sense of being capable of doing things on my own and not always relying with mom or dad. Mom raised me to be somehow self-sufficient and resourceful and she always says that I will make use of the knowledge once I settle down. Guess what, mom knows best and I thank her for preparing me in such an early age.

...4th yr HS officers, front row wearing special gala uniform...
can you spot me here?

Back then my only routine was home-school-home. I sometimes take a detour to a mall just to cool off and let the rush hour pass before going home. The only days I get delayed going home were when we had choir practices, volleyball or other school activity related matters. My parents are very strict and aside from that my school's about 1-2hrs commute depending on traffic, my time's being eaten by travel already which can be really tiring.

It's not easy dealing with the commute those days. Whenever it's rainy season getting a ride home is more difficult and I actually experienced flooded days and getting stranded. Where I get my ride isn't a very safe place too most especially for my age at that time so I used to carry a pepper spray with me. My brother gave it so I can have some immediate protection if badly needed. But not all the time I was commuting, mom picks me up from school too whenever possible and she always comes to my aid even if storming when I get stranded. I cannot thank her enough for all those things she did for me, for always looking after my safety.
We had a recent problem with our car and thank goodness nothing bad happened because hubs was watchful enough to notice that there was something different with the car. One morning after turning on the engine he noticed like the engine feels so airy. He tried observing the following day and still the same thing. He decided to stop using the car so no further damage will be done if it's continuously used knowing something's acting up. His office isn't too far from home so going to work isn't a big deal also he did make use of his father's van temporarily.

We finally talked over what to do with the car and decided to call the mechanic from San Leandro since it's nearer than the San Francisco auto repair. Hubs asked what could be wrong with the car based on his observations and was told that it could be air leak, radiator or worse gas leak. Asking if it's safe to drive the car in the freeway to bring to the shop, the mechanic told him not to do so as it could be dangerous at that point. Hubs then called for the towing services and to pull the car and we followed behind with the van. The mechanic was nice enough to attend to hubs right away and set aside the Honda Accord that he's checking at the moment. Good thing we listened to the mechanic and didn't take the risk driving the car anymore because upon his initial assessment after checking the radiator, timing belt, alternator and the machine it's confirmed, a gas leak!

I can't imagine the danger that it could've possibly been for hubs if he continue to use the car and thank God nothing bad happened and it was detected right away. We always use that car whenever we go out and of course with baby. I have mentioned that we're seriously looking for a vehicle addition but never had our hands on it because work lately has been so much. Up to now we're still looking for models that will also suit our budget.

Promos here and there for Dish TV are being offered almost every week in the mails. The TV pricing for the direct satellite TV offers is quite affordable now compared to before. I understand why many people really get hooked in TV subscription, TV pricing is more practical choice for those who really love to spend time with their favorite shows.

Despite all the promos being offered, we're staying basic with our television. We may be avid watchers for certain shows but that doesn't persuade us to further upgrade and add expense to our budget. Therefore TV promos don't really win with us, instead we go for DVD purchase better. Hubs loves a certain grocery where they have DVDs which are sold in a fraction of a price. He enjoys buying since he's eyeing to have a good number of collection in time.

I honestly don't mind spoiling him with some movies since we haven't been watching in the cinema for a long time already and if you do the math we still manage to save money from buying than regularly going to cinemas. We are more of homebody people and we'd rather spend time at home with baby than be out and about tiring ourselves. Our body and mind are quite abused with work already so a nice quiet quality time together works best for us.

It's hard to live a life full of debt that's why we worked on clearing all our credit card debts as soon as we could. Only if there was no need to get cash advances that time then we should've been debt free in the first place. That was the best option to have the money we needed than borrowing from friends or relatives. Everybody has tight budget and there's no way we can easily gather the amount we had to send for the house finishing that time.

Getting back on our feet and being debt free was a big achievement for us. It was tough and rough making ends meet and saving up to pay debts. In time like this we can rely on thecreditpeople.com to help us with our credit repair services. Having a bad credit is a no-no. Their service include aid to improve & fix your credit score making more eligibility to future credit services.
Cleaning tiles is not easy most especially if used for the kitchen counters. That area is most of the time wet and gets dirty with all the cooking and washing. I'm not speaking in general terms because I also specify tiles for kitchen counters if my project is low cost but I see to it the size is on the bigger scale than the smaller scale. The smaller it is, the more grout grooves it has where water and dirt resides. I'm definitely not loving our kitchen counter top, it's very outdated, old and nothing really good that I can say about it. The apartment management should've updated it before because it's way too impossible right now to do that. I have no plans of not having a working kitchen counter if it has to be torn down and replaced so I'll just leave it as is.

...our colorful and outdated tiny kitchen counter...

I think it's not the tiled kitchen counter which I like the least here but the once carpeted bathroom. Oh yes you read it right, carpet in the bathroom! The wet area! I know this is perfectly normal in some places like hotels but it's usually within the dry area of the bathroom. I'm thankful that hubs and his papa had changed the carpet to vinyl at least, even if it's not the typical bathroom tiles it's still better and easier to clean. It could've been better though if it was replaced with finished flooring like those big sized subway tiles which has non-skid/slip finish. The only thing I like having it vinyl finish is that the bathroom floor isn't too hard for baby =)
We are living in a single bedroom apartment and the apartment is quite old and outdated. Heat is terrible on Summers and it gets freezing cold during Winters. We have been trying to figure out solutions to insulate our home through window treatments. Hubs came up with several researches about installing curtains, drapes, hardware for your window. It appears to be one of the most efficient and least expensive means of insulating together with some caulking job.

...baby enjoying his high chair after eating,
btw can you see our sheer curtain back there?...

As much as we want to keep our place warm on Winters and cool on Summers, we didn't want to compromise natural lighting. We installed sheer window curtains to block off heat and still let light come through. It's effective and kept our home temperature just right. To help taking out the warm air trapped by the ceiling, hubs installed small exhaust fans to also promote air circulation. Now that summer's almost over, we're happy that our system worked well though there were times when we had to use our air cooler on really hot days. Cold days are about to come so we'll be installing new window treatment to keep a warmer home and avoid using much heater.

School is starting earlier than usual and SIL is going back to school on the 23rd. She performed well in school last semester and even received recognition awards. Good thing hubs and SIL was able to accomplish one big project during her summer break which she can make use for her schooling. They made a very good computer unit and she was very much hands on with it. Hubs guided her though the assembly all the way to program installations. That served as their bonding, finally getting to spend some time together after being apart for years. The little girl he was once carrying is now a little lady.

Her computer has been hooked up already and ready for her homeworks. Now she's more confident about doing her researches without having to rely on big brothers since she has her own power computer. Math will be a lot easier too because she can make use of online tutoring. This way all her questions and math deals like acute triangle, line segment, indices, algebraic expressions, diameter of a circle and other mathematical terms will be answered promptly. Learning how to use square footage calculator can be well handled as well. It's good that she can learn from trained tutors who can explain better than any of us who are also too busy doing things and works to worry about her homeworks. Of course we'll still look after her but letting her explore on her own and doing her own thing can pave her road to independence.


It's inspiring to know about people who once suffered from a certain illness finally gets up and starts all over again. I'm talking about the Multiple Sclerosis News that I read earlier, Liz Simenik making her run to recovery. She's one brave soul who fought the odds of her illness four months ago who wasn't able to walk without the aid of a cane.

This lady is working on her Multiple Sclerosis exercise and getting back into shape for a 10km run to raise money in an effort to help others suffering from Multiple Sclerosis symptoms get surgery too. She wants to raise awareness about the illness and the cure for a more normal life. There's always hope, we just have to do something and believe.

Exactly, why not? That's what I said the last time I was there in the bank when I was declined with my credit card application. I don't get it why can't they issue one for me considering me and hubs both have accounts in that bank and we've been there for years already. Not that I badly need to have a credit card but it's good to have something in case of emergency.

...my cutie little J with right expression of how I feel...

It all boils down to credit score and credit report which can be obtained through freescore.com. The bank wants to make sure you have good credit history before they even consider your application. It actually upsets me because I have good credit with the credit card that I am using right now. What else do they want? I admit I am not too fond of using credit cards and would rather use my debit to have it deducted directly from my account but for credit building purpose I use my credit card and make sure I pay even earlier before due date in full. So I don't get it what's the big wall hindering them to even look into my application. All I want is to have another card for our future travel purposes. =(
Cooking is like therapy for me, it simply makes me feel good and relaxed. I have been experimenting and creating my own dishes lately and I can be proud to say hubs loves it all. I tend to cook dishes with veggies may it be pasta or meats, even with seafoods. We really want to keep a balanced diet as much as possible. This kind of eating will also influence baby in the future, he will learn how to eat veggies without much fuss if he's well exposed seeing us enjoying eating veggies.

...penne with herbed salami in herbed white sauce...

Italian cooking has a big influence in my cooking lately. I love to use wines for cooking my roasts and pastas which makes me consider getting jk adams wine rack accompanied by jk adams spice rack for my expanding spice varieties. I also better change my stove side rack which often hooks on my clothes when I'm going back and forth the kitchen. The jk adams pot rack can hold my pots and pans better without sliding by and getting hooked to my shirt. But even without these upgrades that I'm thinking of, it can't stop me from cooking anytime I wish to do so.

...chicken and asparagus casserole...

I can't wait to have a bigger kitchen where I can do more things without much space limitations. I plan to get baby involved with mommy in the kitchen as he grows up so he can have better interest with foods and nutrition. This will encourage him to appreciate other foods because he had his hands work on it. This is a better way of introducing foods to the kids, by letting them be involved in the process.


It's good to finally have a vacation and go outdoors. Mammoth Pool is practically our first family outing since baby's born. Baby may be too young to understand and remember this trip but I'm sure he will cherish this experience when he grows up.

Outdoors require skin protection from the sun and insects as well. We made sure we have the necessary skin care products for our trip most especially for baby. The sun causes freckles both for me and hubs and no thanks for age spots as early as this age so we also got our sun screen. We can care less with acne products or moisturizers because sunscreen and insect repellent are the most essential things we need there.

Here are some of the views from our short stop-over on the way to the resort. The lake and dam, woods, pines, snow-caped mountains and set of twin mountains are wonderful sights. We don't get to see much of these views in the city. I don't recommend going to the resort or anywhere within the mountains when darkness falls because there are no street lights and there are sharp curves and turns along the way up and down. It's pitch black at night and you're just lucky to have the moon shining brightly on the clear sky.

Trailers of movies we have seen on the big screen!
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