We had a recent problem with our car and thank goodness nothing bad happened because hubs was watchful enough to notice that there was something different with the car. One morning after turning on the engine he noticed like the engine feels so airy. He tried observing the following day and still the same thing. He decided to stop using the car so no further damage will be done if it's continuously used knowing something's acting up. His office isn't too far from home so going to work isn't a big deal also he did make use of his father's van temporarily.

We finally talked over what to do with the car and decided to call the mechanic from San Leandro since it's nearer than the San Francisco auto repair. Hubs asked what could be wrong with the car based on his observations and was told that it could be air leak, radiator or worse gas leak. Asking if it's safe to drive the car in the freeway to bring to the shop, the mechanic told him not to do so as it could be dangerous at that point. Hubs then called for the towing services and to pull the car and we followed behind with the van. The mechanic was nice enough to attend to hubs right away and set aside the Honda Accord that he's checking at the moment. Good thing we listened to the mechanic and didn't take the risk driving the car anymore because upon his initial assessment after checking the radiator, timing belt, alternator and the machine it's confirmed, a gas leak!

I can't imagine the danger that it could've possibly been for hubs if he continue to use the car and thank God nothing bad happened and it was detected right away. We always use that car whenever we go out and of course with baby. I have mentioned that we're seriously looking for a vehicle addition but never had our hands on it because work lately has been so much. Up to now we're still looking for models that will also suit our budget.

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4 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow...gas leak? Thank goodness you guys discovered it soon. :( Dangerous.

  2. Mariuca Says:

    Good to see hubbs is on top of things at home sweetie, enjoy ur weekend too yeah? Hugs!

  3. Gas Leaks are absolutely dangerous. fortunately your hubby managed to detect the fault early.

  4. Ayie Says:

    I am indeed so thankful that he noticed right away and we got a hold of the mechanic

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