Promos here and there for Dish TV are being offered almost every week in the mails. The TV pricing for the direct satellite TV offers is quite affordable now compared to before. I understand why many people really get hooked in TV subscription, TV pricing is more practical choice for those who really love to spend time with their favorite shows.

Despite all the promos being offered, we're staying basic with our television. We may be avid watchers for certain shows but that doesn't persuade us to further upgrade and add expense to our budget. Therefore TV promos don't really win with us, instead we go for DVD purchase better. Hubs loves a certain grocery where they have DVDs which are sold in a fraction of a price. He enjoys buying since he's eyeing to have a good number of collection in time.

I honestly don't mind spoiling him with some movies since we haven't been watching in the cinema for a long time already and if you do the math we still manage to save money from buying than regularly going to cinemas. We are more of homebody people and we'd rather spend time at home with baby than be out and about tiring ourselves. Our body and mind are quite abused with work already so a nice quiet quality time together works best for us.

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8 Responses
  1. mimi Says:

    hey..i love to watch grease too! its true when u spend the whole weekend home, u tend to have more time with each other rite?me love to stay at home with hubby and doing nothing!;)

  2. Tekkaus Says:

    I think I prefer DVD. :D

  3. Dora Says:

    It's getting less time on both tv & dvd, don't mention about cinema! It's been ages I didn't step into that dark room!

  4. lina Says:

    it's better to watch DVD. No need to dress nicely to watch a DVD at home. :D

  5. betchai Says:

    that's a cute picture of the three of you Ayie, you are right about dish/cable tv, we are thinking to cut ours too since we hardly stay at home, our weekends are spent mostly outdoors to relax and rejuvenate with nature, and at night when we get home after work, we simply watch local tv, which is news, so i think we are over-paying our u-verse for not using them at all :(

  6. fufu Says:

    yeah spending time together at home is good at least you guys could stay with the baby all the time... or you havent get bored of it?? lol anyway anyway you gotta be a good mummy ok?

  7. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Love the pic. Jakarta selling "DVDs" at USD2 only..wakaka. :P

  8. i seldom watch tv or dvd nowadays. i still watch good movies though. the last time i watched a good one was 'the karate kid' last month.

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