Last week was very busy for the 3 of us, me, hubs and baby had to go out last Saturday with some friends who wanted to celebrate my birthday ahead. I didn't want to go out most especially in the afternoon because mom told me they are not going anywhere so we can chat but we're already compromised. Anyway I'll skip the details for that Saturday's event and will just tell more about Sunday.

Last Sunday I just turned 29 and I will say it's a very special year for me because this is my first birthday celebrating it with baby. It just makes it a whole lot more meaningful. No silver not even any gold gift can ever replace the joy I feel inside being with our little boy and hubs. Hubs on the other hand made me open his gifts before we even had our breakfast. I still don't have the photos to show you, perhaps I will blog about it later on so I'll keep it a secret for now.

We went to attend Sunday mass and browsed around the church thrift shop where they had a good stack of cook books which I didn't get to resist. Luckily the books are on special sale, $2 for a bag of books. I don't know how many I grabbed but I surely got a lot! Hubs had to carry it for me and also pay for it since I forgot to go to the bank and get some cash, I didn't even have coins with me that day. =P

After our little book shopping from the thrift store we headed for our late lunch. We decided to go to the Tony Roma's nearby to enjoy some tasty back ribs. Hubs has never eaten there so am I and it was a very good choice for us. We love the foods from appetizers to main courses. The serving was big and we didn't have any room for dessert. At first hubs thought he can make room for some sweets after the meals but he thought wrong, we even had to bring home the leftover appetizers. After our late lunch we headed back home and just decided to rest and take an afternoon nap with baby. We're really tired because of all the house cleaning the previous day before going to that dinner so that nap was like the best therapy for our aching bodies.

Hubs and baby made my day very special. The quality time we all spent together is something money can never buy. Also thanks to all who texted, emailed & greeted me in facebook (Marzie, Foong, Tekkaus, Fufu, SK and other non-blogger friends). Btw, the photos are not so good because I used the videocam =P

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21 Responses
  1. Pete Says:

    There are Tomy Roma chain here too but I have not tried them. Heard quite good!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Ayie!

  2. RNSANE Says:

    A belated happy birthday to you. Sounds like it was a special day with a feast for you and hubby. Not sure what the baby ate!

  3. lina Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Ayie. Sorry for the late wish. ^*-*^

    You finally went to Tony Roma's. yeay!

  4. lina Says:

    I'm hungry just looking at the photos!

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    The photo is not good never mind. As long as the food is delicious for you then ok already.

  6. Mariuca Says:

    Hi sweetie! Happy Birthday to u again ha ha! :D

  7. Mariuca Says:

    Check out the TR here he he! I think that's the onion loaf I see here...?


  8. Mariuca Says:

    I still have no idea where to treat the folks and family on my birthday hmmm.....

  9. Mariuca Says:

    Everywhere is bound to be packed what with the fasting month going on... :D

  10. Merryn Says:

    TR! Feee weeet!

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to Ayie,
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    Happy birthday sweetie. This year is very special as you have Jariel with you eh? Hugz........

  11. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Ayie ganda!!! I ate at Tony Roma's once. The beef ribs are nice.

  12. Carver Says:

    Wishing you a happy birthday a bit late. Sounds like a good celebration.

  13. Bengbeng Says:

    happy belated birthday.. i wrote a longer comment before this but it somehow disappeared :D

  14. levian Says:

    happy belated birthday, ayie!
    you're 29,
    ah, that didn't make us very far apart at all. :p

  15. Hi Ayie! hope it's not too late to wish you a very happy belated birthday. yes, it's a special year indeed since it's your first birthday celebrating with your son. big hugs! may all your wishes come true.

  16. Autumn Belle Says:

    Happy Birthday to you all over again! Birthdays are best spent with love ones which makes it very very special indeed. May all your dreams come true and all your wishes get furfilled.

  17. Ayie Says:

    Thanks to all of you!!!

    My birthday was so special with our little boy around. Last year he was just 3mos on the tummy and now look how much he's grown!

  18. Tes Says:

    Oh wow, sorry I missed your birthday, Ayie! Belated Happy Birthday dear girl! Glad to know you had fun! *hugs*

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Ayie! At least yours was spent with good friends and family..Mine birthday, I spent at the office of the bank..

  20. [SK] Says:

    hmmm, was that quite a while ago already?? haha.. looks like the food they serve there is the same over here..

  21. Dora Says:

    I'm sorry that my greeting comes rather late, "Happy Belated Birthday, ayie!" Yeah a great companion will make the food tastier :-)

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