Last week I finally received my much awaited package from Lina. I asked her a big big favor before she left for Japan and took my chance to get the cds my husband has been wanting to buy since release. You might not be familiar with the artist Andrew W.K. but my hubs likes this artist so much. I admit I didn't really appreciate AWK much when he made me listen to his first album, I find it quite noisy but his japan Albums are great. Hubs was able to get some of his albums released here but not the one from Japan. He's such a hit in Japan and AWK's the one who made the cover for Gundam Rock, the album for Gundam's 30th anniversary just released this September 9, 2009. When hubs knew about it he told me about the new Japan release and I just told him I'll get him those in time.

Lina at that time was blogging about her nearing trip to Japan so I gathered my guts to email her and ask if I she can get something for me there. I was just taking my chances because there's no way we can travel around until our baby's born and big enough to carry around for long flights. After a while I received an email reply from Lina saying she'll see if she can. I was happy enough to hear from her considering that's the first time I ever emailed her (too think-skin me huh). I didn't want to compromise her at all so I am okay if she gets to find the cds for me. Of course her family will be on vacation and they have their own things to do, that's very understandable.

As we all know Lina was fortunate enough to blog about her Japan trip while they were there. That's also the same time when I received her email saying she'll see in that particular music store if they have the cds. After few more emails she confirmed she got the cds! I was so so so happy to learn about that. I can already imagine how delighted my hubs will be. I was actually shy to ask if it was hard for her to find the cds also because I was so overwhelmed knowing she got 2 of the most important albums Gundam Rock and Japan Premium Collection (includes japan covers & very best so far). Perhaps I should take the opportunity to ask Lina.... "did I give you hard time finding those cds?"

My Birthday gift's a month delayed but worth the wait. It was no secret when Lina got the cds since I had to send my payment of course (I won't mention anymore how much, he's happy and that's more important also promise fulfilled) but the surprise part was not knowing what cds we got for him. I never told him til the day I handed him that package. I actually opened it ahead of him when I picked it up from the post office, I guess I was more excited. It was perfect timing also that same day hubs was doing some overtime and I brought dinner and the package to his office. I knew that will break his stressed mind getting his much awaited cds. Can you see he's so so happy!? He played it right away til we finally left the office by 3am. Nothing beats a gift fresh from Japan and more it traveled all the way to Malaysia before reaching US. Again, Thanks so much Lina for doing this great favor for me. It truly made my husband so happy and me too!

Happy Weekend to all of you! I will be busy later snapping photos for the downtown Halloween Costume Contest and the Halloween Party we'll attend tomorrow. Enjoy your Halloween!!

Taco carne asada comes with cilantro but I prefer mine without and all the stuffs you see there. I can never get tired of eating these! Whenever we go to Oakland we always try to grab this yummy dish. Don't underestimate the size thinking each is just a handful serving but it's very filling. (ooops quite wordfull this time)

...original tacos made by Latinos here bought from taco truck...

Wanna have a bite?


This one? Oh no, this isn't our "not too classic ride" because this certainly falls on the classic or vintage collection. This is just one of our model cars here at home =) It must be cool to have a real vintage car up and running but I think it will require a lot more maintenance and good insurance.

Here's our semi-classic car, a Nissan Datsun 200SX 1983. Yes that old already but in good running condition. We're so happy with this car that hubs and I don't even think of giving it away or selling it (you might not believe it but other people seem to be attracted with this car). We're actually impressed that it's pretty sophisticated during the year it was made because of all automatic transmission. This car needs to be fully restored and hopefully we can do it soon perhaps after getting another car.

Why get another car? It's not for mere luxury but as necessity. Here having your own transpo is very important. It's hard to move around without your time being so compromised if you rely completely on public transport system. Also we'll need another car at least before I give birth or when our baby's out. SUV will be good to have since we already have a small compact car. It will be really helpful for me and hubs to be mobile enough most especially during emergencies. But having to consider getting another car isn't easy not only in terms of money but also with insurance. I believe we'll get into that in time, nothing can be rushed right now most especially at this economic state.

How about you, what car type do you prefer to have?


Happy WW!


Last Saturday me and hubby were invited by his former officemate to a Diwali Dinner. We didn't know exactly what was Diwali except an Indian celebration. Her place is very far from where we live but since it's been 2yrs the last time they saw each other and for her to finally meet me, we decided to go. We wanted to just enjoy and get back in touch with a friend so off we go.

I didn't (again) bring our camera because I'm shy to snap photos there. We're not the only one invited but other of her friends as well. It turned out to be an enjoyable night chatting and meeting new faces. There I got to understand more what Diwali is while talking to one Indian guest there (sorry about the name, hard to remember and pronounce). I was told that Diwali is like an Indian Christmas or thanksgiving that's why it's meant to be shared with special people eating, spending time together and dressing up for the occasion. They were all pleased when we greeted them "Happy Diwali".

We ate traditional Indian foods especially prepared by Asha herself. Boy, she cooks good! I knew I shouldn't eat more than 1/2 cup of rice but I simply couldn't resist it... very nice and tasty! Despite not serving any meats there it didn't really matter because everything was just so delicious. Couldn't eat much too because spicy foods are quite a no-no for pregnant women. I was happy already to try all those authentic dishes she prepared.

We didn't stay too long and left around 10:30pm. They were going to start the cake cutting that time. We're delighted to see the cake we brought there was taken out for everybody to enjoy. Do you think we came home empty handed? nope! Asha gave us a gift too (and all other guests) and it's so sinful for me to indulge right now so it's for hubs =) Pretty tempting huh? Isn't she so nice to hand everybody such a gift?

photos: from internet sources

I was talking to my former officemate who's now in Dubai working for an architecture and construction firm there. I know how she feels being far from her family and I understand her longing. As we talk she then mentioned good places to visit there that she's been to like luring me to go there for a visit. As much as I want to travel across the globe to see great places I can't right now due to commitments and my current condition too. Perhaps in time I can consider that place too.

I've heard a lot friends friends and other people about working in UAE. Different versions of their deals there, some positive and some negative. Well I really can't judge it by just hearing their views and experiences until I see it myself. Now that tourism has boomed there, it won't be difficult to find hotels in Dubai if ever a prolonged stay is intended. Aside from the local sights to see many also fly using Etihad to Abu Dhabi or Dubai to see the IRB Dubai World Rugby & 7's good for those sports enthusiasts =).

Sharjah on the other hand the 3rd largest of the 7 emirates that make up UAE was also well recommended to me. I was told that this could be a nice shopping haven for "shopaholics" having most modern shopping centers there. A place where tourists can enjoy a holiday in the sun strolling around lagoons, Arabian deserts and seas; exploring heritage sites, mosques and museums; and find good buys in the traditional markets. Having a place to stay there won't be a problem since Sharjah hotels are all over to suit the travellers' comfort.

photos: from internet sources

...the concert stage with the huge screen...

Hi everybody! Sorry for the delay, only now I had the chance to make the final episode of this 3 part post. I've been very busy with my clinic visits. I decided to make a video for this particular post because I don't want to make it too long thus making it hard for the page to load with tons of photos. I used the audio I recorded during the concert and the photos of the life size models from the exhibit. I hope you'll enjoy the video too.

We enjoyed how the symphony and orchestra accompanied the the narration of the entire saga. Showcasing the highlights of the story through music. It's also like watching a movie in the theater but even better! That's all for now, no long lines to read... I'll leave it all to the video.


Sunday's our church day and we usually attend 12:15pm mass but not this time, hubs didn't want to be late for this event so we decided to just attend the afternoon mass after the show. We headed straight to hp pavilion knowing there might be an exhibit for us to enjoy. As early as 1pm people were starting to crowd the area and the show starts @ 2pm. We decided to walk around first and see what they have around aside from all the souvenirs and programs being sold there. We were so delighted to see cute kids all dressed up as Star Wars characters, only if I had my trusty camera with me... I could've snapped hundred of photos! (hehehe I'm quite a shutterbug)

...what do think of the shirt I got?...

We really didn't buy any of the souvenirs because it's way too pricey! The had numerous shirts, sweaters and other stuffs for sale but priced from $25 up. The program which is a softcover book contains a rare assemblage of images and articles, including a personal message by John Williams and a profile on the music of the
Star Wars saga by Michael Matessino. The imagery features breathtaking scenic spreads and rare behind-the-scenes photos from all 6 films and scoring sessions @ $30. We passed on all those collectibles luckily for hubs I got him a Star Wars shirt last Friday when I went for a little shopping in Kohl's which is more reasonably priced @ $10.

Here are some nice artworks displayed there. These are large format prints of the original backgrounds for the entire saga. Do you recognize any of the background artworks which episode was it used?

Trailers of movies we have seen on the big screen!
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