Yesterday we went for a little outdoor time, made the little joy chased bubbles, biked a little bit then walked to Walgreens. As we were browsing around, J found interesting toys and I started fishing out ideas for Christmas presents. He got hooked with one toy, the Hungry Hippo. He remembered how much he liked playing with his friend's Hungry Hippo. He had a hard time letting to of the toy so I told him he can ask Santa for it on Christmas.

A day passed and he hasn't forgotten about that little toy. Early morning he told me he doesn't want Chuggjngton anymore for Christmas, just Hungry Hippo. So I told him he can write a letter and ask Dear Old Santa his request. With much whining and fussing getting tired finishing the letter, he managed to do his letter. Now, Santa better make sure he gets the much requested present, a little boy worked so hard to finish that letter.


I just felt like cooking that night so I made Pancit Canton Guisado. I lacked ingredients, not even a carrot but still cooked it. We have no special guests to serve it to and it will be just our family dinner so it didn't matter much to me. Making sure the taste would pass my little boy's standard was my challenge as it would be his first time trying that kind of noodle dish.

Done cooking and the test was on, I passed! He was excited with the noodles and right after tasting it decided to eat on his own. Had to fish out the cabbages because he didn't like the texture, I knew it would've been better if I had carrots with it. We all had a lovely dinner, happy with the warm freshly cooked meal. Yummy! Second serving was enjoyed afterwards... A bit of spoiling for the night. 


Today is a rest day for us, no intention of going to park or any playdate. He's just started preschool and goes every Mondays and Wednesdays for 2hrs. Keeping up with the 9am schedule is a bit tough, along with it his changing nap schedule. He's almost weaning with the nap but apparently needs it from time to time as he gets tired and cranky if he has a full week of no nap. 

His preschool is nothing academic at this age, it's more of a play school pattern which works on child socialization and development. I decided to refresh him with his numbers, alphabet and writing his name. He's very good in spelling his name but not really writing it yet on his own. Little step at a time and he'll get there. We enjoy having him play and do fun things for now, make learning in different approach as well.

Errands day is tiring but nice in a way. We always try to rewards ourselves with Filipino comfort foods after a tiring day of errands. At first we thought of going to our favorite Pinoy BBQ Atbp in Milpitas but had a change of heart and looked for a nearer Filipino eating place. We found Jollibee, the beloved fast food almost every kid's favorite back home. It was a lovely day so we opted for the outdoor sitting.

See the little boy enjoying his own chicken joy lunch? That's quite a big meal for a little one so he ended up eating the rest at home for dinner. He was vey much savoring the cheesy fries, getting every last bit of the cheese.

We topped our yummy meal with a refreshing pearl cooler or taro shake. I can't remember when was the last time I had this drink. J tasted it as well but I guess he was too full to share with us. All of us went home with a smile, full and happy tummies.

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