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After a little craft project breakie, I'm following through my Air Museum experience. I'm more excited to feature something different than all the plane exhibits they have. Good thing hubs pointed out and really made me check this cool history corner, now I can say "Girls Rule!"

Remember Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the atlantic? "My ambition is to have this wonderful gift produce practical results for the future of commercial flying and for the women who may want to fly tomorrow's planes." This is among her famous quotes. Just to give you more hints about her.

I don't know who among you knew about this, and if you do feel free to share your knowledge. As we were browsing through all the displays, one history corner caught my husband's attention. He was there for a while and me having so much fun with the camera didn't even bother go and check what he's up to. Later on he called on and asked me to to take photos of what he's been reading. Okay, I was forced to check it out. hehe... me being the lazy reader didn't want to even look at it but when he told me it's about lady pilots and army then it caught my attention.

Let me introduce the great ladies who made history in United States Army Air Force during WWII. Yes you read it right, women! They were called WASP or the Women Airforce Service Pilots, civilian female pilots for military aircraft during that time. They played a big role in freeing male pilot for combat service and duties. For more detailed info, check it out here.

After seeing all the photos and checking the wiki link, what can you say about those brave ladies? Amazing, right?

Just a little breakie from the Air Show & Museum post, I want to share you something new. =)

What first came to you after seeing this? Too much Elisse?

If you thought of it a s a clock pattern, bingo!

Now to start with my experiment....by the way, I didn't get the clock new. We happened to see this plastic wall clock in the church thrift store. I badly wanted to buy one since I've been itching to do some craft. Finally, i saw one perfect clock for the work. We got this for less than a dollar so no regrets if I mess it up. =) At first I thought of making a family clock, putting all the faces of my family and my husband's but I had a change of heart and decided to just make an Elisse clock. Remember my niece and her bunny? So I gathered her photos and started doing some photoshop woks. Look at the dismantled clock below, that's about to be transformed!


After a few minutes working on the clock, I'm finally done.
What do you like better... the old boring one or this 12hr cuties?

Ooops, got caught up with many things these past days that's why this post came a bit later than it should. Now I'm back to give you the 2nd part of our mini "field trip" =) The first part was introduced with a variety of planes and some nice model kits. Now we're moving further in but not all the way the museum area. These great oldies greeted us and certainly put a smile on our face. Where else can you find such road classics?

...hubs and I striking a pose...

Like what i said from my previous post, I have too much shots to display so here's another slide video for your viewing pleasure. This time, no more planes...all vintage cars!!! I enjoyed the first part of our "photo session" already and I had such overload of classic roadies this time around.

What do you think? Like it or not? I tried more edits for the slide video to make it a lot livelier than the first one.

...I specifically chose this car to display. I find it cute and classy with a bonus teddy rider...

I was surprised when my hubs saw this truck because he told me to take a photo and not the truck alone but with him posing right there. Hehe he must really love this one! I gladly took the shots. It's rare that he would pose right then and there so why not?!


Last May 16 we were invited to attend the air museum opening in Santa Clara County but I honestly don't know where's the exact location (so please no questions about the location). At first I thought we'll be going to San Francisco Air museum but as my hubs navigated through the road, I knew it's not going there. I think after an hour drive we finally arrived at the location. The first thing that caught my attention was the hot air balloon. From the parking you can see people flocking on the ground trying to get their lift, it's free as far as I know. The balloon won't go all the way up and fly across places, just to cater the experience of getting up there above everybody. There's a ride which I badly wanted to try but my hubs chicken out...ahahaha sorry baby! I forgot how it's called and it sounds a little like fast track or something. Sorry about that, I'm quite bad listening at times most especially when my eyes are feasting somewhere else. Those are small fight planes in which you can ride with the trained pilot, cool right? Imagine riding those classic planes! There's a fee for that ride for grown ups and for kids and teens, free. I was told I could be mistaken as a teen so I can have a free ride but I wasn't able to do it anymore. It was hard to persuade hubs knowing he has fear of small planes and also the line was too long. We would have to wait like an hour under the scorching sun just to have that ride and we couldn't afford to lose time for our later compromise.

I have roughly 300 photos taken from this event alone so it's so hard to choose which one to post and not. I decided to make a slideshow so I can share more of the photos than having a very long post. I know it's quite tiring scrolling all the way down seeing a very long post. But this is just the first batch of photos by the field before we even entered the display / museum area. I hope you'll like the photos! Btw, the blue car looks better for me right? I think he's too tall for that little speedy =) I was hoping they would allow us to have a little test drive, hehe!

They have some souvenirs available, these remote control planes would make a good collection. We were not ready for any buying that time so I'm good with just having photos, maybe next time around. They also have other commemorative shirts, books, medals and posters. See the sexy ladies? Any of you who has specific t-shirt collection?

This is just the first part of the air show installment. More cars and planes next time =)
It's been months since I've seen this girl, haven't been chatting with my family since they are all busy too. Summer's over and everybody's back to work. I only get to communicate with mom and the rest through email and phonecalls on special occasions. At least I know they are all ok and that's all that matters. Mom told me in her email this week that Elisse was crying when they were praying. Mom mentioned my name in the prayer and she got all emotional saying she misses me. That made me really happy knowing she remembers me.

I've been sick lately and still recovering so I thought of posting about Elisse. I took these photos when she was sick during my last month there at home. She's getting better here and was even in good mod to goof around the camera. At most times she would be grumpy especially when she just woke up. See the shirt she's wearing? That's a big shirt...mine! haha! She wanted to wear something oversized like my pajama so she asked if she could wear my "fish" shirt. Of course I was in glee to give her my shirt and seeing her wear it. =)

Finally she's up, ready to eat some breakfast porridge to get her ready for her medicines.

You'd think she's so happy for her early meal, sorry but you're wrong! She's having some fun time stirring and having her ways with her breakie. Notice that sweet, naught smile? Oooh, don't be fooled by that!

After few spoons she was trying to be sweet and tell me she doesn't want to eat anymore. Even if I wanted her to eat more I just can't force her. Being sick for a while had an impact to her appetite. She really wasn't much in the mood to eat so I can let go of it this time around. Hehe I just love that innocent look!

After eating and having her meds, she asked to go to the roofdeck. Remember Banyang the rabbit? She said Banyang has to eat breakfast too so we need to go up there. How can I not let her feed her bunny when I just fed her? So up we go and she gave some pechay leaves to her cutie bunny.

After seeing all the feeding photos you'd think she's so brave and comfortable with Banyang. Ah-ah....she's so scared! I had to show her first how to give it and she was confident of the long stalk of the veggie so she was ok at first but when the bunny munched the whole leaf and with just few inches of stalk, she started panicking. hahahaha! That was funny and I'd love to play that scene over and over to my head. She would run to me and hide behind my back saying "banyang, no!" What a brave little girl! *lol* Here's the last of the photos, when I gave her a stool to sit and play with Banyang. She was using it to block the bunny from touching her. If you look closely to her expression, she's actually worried. See? Well she's still a baby, it's good wnough how she handled her little pet bunny.
Do you love cheesecakes, cakes or any sweet treats as dessert? How often do you eat such treats? My doctor told me to stay away from sugars so I only eat minimal desserts and sweets. Nope I'm not diabetic, just some minor food regulations that I have to follow.

I was inspired to post this since Merryn blog about her Cheater's Bake and we might have something to celebrate here soon. Actually, she did more work than I did. This one must be a super cheat I should say! hahaha! I made this cheesecake from scratch, yes from scratch...take note. hehe but it all came from just one box too and not many separate ingredients. Just a few additions here and there, it became a cheesecake!

Ok, ok...I'll go straight to the point. I made this using a cheesecake mix. =) We were in the supermarket one time and I saw that cheesecake package. It stole my attention thinking I can make cheesecake for my hubs without getting all the necessary ingredients. All I need is just one box and few add ons and that's it. I was too curious to let go of the box mix so one sunday I worked on my magic bake. Well, this is actually a no-bake cake. It's just a plain refrigerated cake to begin with that's why I said it's a super cheat. =) It turned out ok but of course not the authentic cheesecake taste. I added some cream cheese and milk to reduce sweetness and modified according to our taste. I think it only took me 20-30mins doing the cake then it's off to the fridge. These are just last of the slices. I totally forgot to document it because I was sneaking not to be seen by my hubs. I wanted to surprise him with a cheesecake and I was successful! I served him these slices, one plain and one with blackberry jam. The sweet and sour taste of the fruity jam gave a lot more flavor to the plain simple cheesecake. It was addicting that's why hubs asked for more but we finished it all after a week. =)
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