It's been months since I've seen this girl, haven't been chatting with my family since they are all busy too. Summer's over and everybody's back to work. I only get to communicate with mom and the rest through email and phonecalls on special occasions. At least I know they are all ok and that's all that matters. Mom told me in her email this week that Elisse was crying when they were praying. Mom mentioned my name in the prayer and she got all emotional saying she misses me. That made me really happy knowing she remembers me.

I've been sick lately and still recovering so I thought of posting about Elisse. I took these photos when she was sick during my last month there at home. She's getting better here and was even in good mod to goof around the camera. At most times she would be grumpy especially when she just woke up. See the shirt she's wearing? That's a big shirt...mine! haha! She wanted to wear something oversized like my pajama so she asked if she could wear my "fish" shirt. Of course I was in glee to give her my shirt and seeing her wear it. =)

Finally she's up, ready to eat some breakfast porridge to get her ready for her medicines.

You'd think she's so happy for her early meal, sorry but you're wrong! She's having some fun time stirring and having her ways with her breakie. Notice that sweet, naught smile? Oooh, don't be fooled by that!

After few spoons she was trying to be sweet and tell me she doesn't want to eat anymore. Even if I wanted her to eat more I just can't force her. Being sick for a while had an impact to her appetite. She really wasn't much in the mood to eat so I can let go of it this time around. Hehe I just love that innocent look!

After eating and having her meds, she asked to go to the roofdeck. Remember Banyang the rabbit? She said Banyang has to eat breakfast too so we need to go up there. How can I not let her feed her bunny when I just fed her? So up we go and she gave some pechay leaves to her cutie bunny.

After seeing all the feeding photos you'd think she's so brave and comfortable with Banyang. Ah-ah....she's so scared! I had to show her first how to give it and she was confident of the long stalk of the veggie so she was ok at first but when the bunny munched the whole leaf and with just few inches of stalk, she started panicking. hahahaha! That was funny and I'd love to play that scene over and over to my head. She would run to me and hide behind my back saying "banyang, no!" What a brave little girl! *lol* Here's the last of the photos, when I gave her a stool to sit and play with Banyang. She was using it to block the bunny from touching her. If you look closely to her expression, she's actually worried. See? Well she's still a baby, it's good wnough how she handled her little pet bunny.
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51 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Elisse is so cute! Especially wearing the oversized shirt. And oh! That angelic smile.

    Is she still scared of the bunny now? :)

  2. lina Says:

    How are you now, Ayie? I hope you are doing much better now.

  3. betchai Says:

    Elisse is so cute, I love that innocent look too ( in front of the porridge) and that naughty look while stirring the porridge. She must really have missed you terribly, crying with the mention of your name.

    I hope you are feeling better Ayie. Have a good weekend.

  4. Mummy Gwen Says:

    Aww...Elisse is SUPER DUPER CUTE! I love her sweet smile. She melts my heart. I can imagine how much you miss her.

    Hope you are feeling better now. Take care, ganda!

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    OMG! She is so...damn...unbelievably cute! :D I wish I will have a daughter as cute as her in a few years time. LOL ;P her antics is really adorable. I feel like I wanna hug her.

  6. Tekkaus Says:

    Then again...I hope you are feeling better already Ayie. It must be bad too fall sick. You'd better take care ok. Drink more water lor. :D Get well soon ok Ayie. Take care.

  7. ladyviral Says:

    So adorable! I love her smile and eyes. The way you pictured the fact she was afraid of Banyang was cute. haha. I would love to see that.. no video for it? :P

  8. levian Says:

    she is so adorable!
    no wonder she was stretching herself to give the bunny the leaf,
    now that you mentioned, it make complete sense. XD
    i hope you are getting better already,
    do take care n rest lots n lots to recover the energy! :)

  9. i hope you're on the road to recovery Ayie. get plenty of rest.

  10. great captures. your niece looks adorable as always. when my kids are sick, they don't eat very much too. same as an adult, they lose their appetites when they aren't feeling well.

  11. Good night Ayie. sleep well tonight.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    The rabbit's so cute!

  13. Ayie Says:

    Hi everyone! Weekend's over, I'm back! Thanks for all the comments!

  14. Ayie Says:

    Hi Lina! She has a pretty sweet smile but don't be fooled! she can be pretty naughty too! ahahaha!

    I guess she'll always be scared of the bunny =) most especially now that it's bigger. I can imagine her running away when Banyang's on the loose! =P

    I feel much better now, thanks so much!

  15. Ayie Says:

    Hi Betchai, happy Monday!!

    Yup, I'm better thanks!

    I also love that innocent expression. She looks having fun but I think she was just trying to get me so she can get away with her porridge. =)

    I felt so touched when mom said she cried after hearing my name...I miss her too. I always fear that she'll forget me since she wouldn't want to talk to me on phone =( Mom also told me she likes staying and watching in my room =)

  16. Ayie Says:

    Hi Mummy sexy! Thanks a bunch! I'm better =)

    Just imagine you not seeing your little cutie gwen for a while....that much! We got so attached like I'm her 2nd mom =)

  17. Ayie Says:

    Hi Tekkaus, thank you! Yes I had lots of water and fruits when I was really feeling bad. Everything feels better now. Been having more rest also lately.

    Mmmmm, then tell wifey you want a cutie. hehehe You can have one ahead of schedule, what do you think? ahahaha! just kidding!

  18. Ayie Says:

    Hi Ladyviral, video? I think we have one with Banyang but not so sure if I have it here in my HD or left it home. She let Banyang out of the cage ans as the bunny approached her....Elisse run away! She hid behind me! hahaha! I was just laughing then.

  19. Ayie Says:

    Hi Levian! That's exactly why she was so stretched out trying to feed the bunny. She runs away whenever Banyang gets close =)

    Thanks for checking, I'm feeling a lot better now. Been getting more rest to recover fast =)

  20. Ayie Says:

    Hi Ramblings, I took everybody's advices and rested well during weekends. =) Thanks a lot!

    It's really hard to have good appetite when we're sick but no matter what we have to eat and try to fight it out. That's another best cure aside from rest.

    Happy monday!

  21. Ayie Says:

    Hi Mei, the bunny is really cute =) I miss playing with it. You have any pets?

  22. Ayie Says:

    I just want to thank you all for your care, I read your comments this weekend and it made me smile =)

    Take care and have a good week ahead!

  23. levian Says:

    that's good to know.
    you just take it easy there, girl. :)
    i can't help scrolling up to look at her first photograph again,
    she is a real darling.
    can totally understand why you fall for her. :D

  24. foongpc Says:

    Elisse and Banyang are soooooooo cute!! Two cuties in one photo makes one huge cutie photo!!

  25. foongpc Says:

    I hate getting sick! Will do anything to avoid it!!! Hope you get well soon! : )

  26. ladyviral Says:

    Hahaha reminded me of my nephew! He went to the dog got food for it, the dog came close.. he threw the food and ran like mad! hahaha

  27. Ayie Says:

    Levian, you sweet girl =)

    I always look at her photos and some vids we took when I miss her. It makes me smile and sometimes even laugh watching the vids =P

    I hope when I have my own baby, will be as cute as our Elisse =D

  28. Ayie Says:

    Btw Levian the first photo, she was pulling the camera lace asking that she'll be the one to take pictures. haha no way, I can't let her play with that cam. So i told her I'll take her photos instead =P

  29. Ayie Says:

    Hi Foong, thanks! I'm on my way to recovery. Getting better everyday and I hope I'll completely recover soon. The extreme change of weather here is affecting me lately but I'm getting by. That why you better take time to rest and sleep earlier to avoid sickness too =P

    I agree, they are both cuties! I miss them both =P

  30. Ayie Says:

    Ladyviral, exactly like that!!! I was laughing out loud seeing her running away and the bunny's too small for her. She would usually hug my legs tight and climb up to me so that I can carry her. Funny but cute =P

  31. She's such a pretty girl. I love her curls.
    The T-shirt is too big for her lah!

  32. Ayie Says:

    Hi ECL! Yeah we love her curls too and her hair color most especially! It was a lot prettier before mom trimmed it hehe.

    As for her oversize shirt, she was copying me wearing my pj's. She wanted to have like an oversized shirt also for pajama so I gave her my shirt =)

  33. Monica Says:

    Hi Ayie! oh dear I hope you are feeling better now! *hugs*

  34. Monica Says:

    Elisse is sooooo adorable!!! I want a baby like her! ;)

  35. Ayie Says:

    Hi Monica!!! Hmmm, haven't slept yet?

    Thanks so much dear, so sweet! I'm better now!

    I also wish to have a baby as cute as Elisse =)

  36. Merryn Says:

    Aw, Elise playing with the rabbit is just so cute! I dont have pets though.

  37. Bengbeng Says:

    Eliss is definitely a cutie. takes after her mum

  38. [SK] Says:

    wow, she is such a cute and adorable pretty little girl.. :)

  39. Ayie Says:

    Hi Merryn! no pets for your little boy? She loves to play with the bunny but really scared when the bunny comes closer to her. She'll run and hide. =)

  40. Ayie Says:

    Hi Bengbeng...mmmmm, I don't remember posting yet her mum's photo here. She looks alot like her dad...my bro =) and they say a little like aunt, me! =)

  41. Ayie Says:

    Hi SK, I'm definitely agreeing on what you said =)

  42. levian Says:

    i am quite confident that your baby will be as adorable as her.
    you are like a big child yourself,
    your baby, a smaller version of you. ;)
    ah, that was why she was so natural in that photograph!
    an ongoing negotiation session. :p

  43. Ayie Says:

    ahahaha, i like your remarks Levian! I just hope my future baby will get dad's height or at least a good mix of us =P

    yep, on going negotiations =) see that thumbs up?

  44. levian Says:

    signaling a successful negotiation. XD
    if it is a she, smaller in size makes her double the adorableness.
    can't help it, i am biased towards small sized girls.
    they are just so cuddly! :p

  45. Ayie Says:

    hahaha small=cute! well you'll see in time when I have one Levian. Hmm, I saw your pics and you're quite tall or is it just your body built? slender!

  46. levian Says:

    i am definitely not tall. XD
    i am not sure why i gave out that impression a lot in my photographs,
    but i am short, around 150+cm.
    fall straight into the small-sized category. :p

  47. Ayie Says:

    so we are more or less the same height...i'm just 5' but I fall on medium size...you are slim so that makes you look taller. I'm quite round! ahahaha

  48. levian Says:

    i might join you pretty soon. :p
    i get rounder n rounder year after year,
    no matter how hard i tried to control myself.
    the craving thingy, the food thingy, can hardly avoid any of those!
    yiiks. XD

  49. Ayie Says:

    does all the foodie stuffs in my blogs contribute to your cravings? hehehe i might be then guilty as charged! lol

  50. levian Says:

    oh yes, you are undeniably guilty in this case. XD

  51. Ayie Says:

    Levian, i drop my case! *lol*

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