I miss all of them! The photos are among our annual reunion / get together. I can't remember when was that exactly maybe around December 2004. These people are my highschool buddies, (except one who's my better half) we managed to stay intact all these years. I think that's the first time we were almost complete (the girls) because one of the girls there always misses it. Nevermind the reason, we honestly don't know the real deal with her excuses! :D She attended that time but the one who's always ever present had an earlier committment with her relatives. That reunion was the first attempt to do it on December break. It was a successful, we enjoyed the time seeing each other again, eating together and just hanging out in our favorite pad.

I'll see you guys when we come back, that's for sure!


The first picture is the Manila Bay Sunset and the other one is the Floating Restaurant. That day we decided to relax and go there in CCP complex (Cultural Center of the Philippines) to play badminton, bike and stroll by the breakwater. Being at work the entire week was really tiring so we made time to unwind and discussed our future plans. The lights from the floating restaurant was already lit and people started going there. It felt like time passed by so fast and it's already sunset. Looking at that beautiful horizon completed our day, eating some barbeque and pizza by the bay. That short day we had eased our stressed mind and body.

I was trying to find our oldest family picture but I don't have it in my hard disk. This is one of our shots (getting ready to leave back to Manila) during an island getaway sometime May 1999 or 2000. The place is called Club Panoly Beach Resort in Boracay, Philippines. It was a nice trip, we enjoyed the beach so much. My mom's bestfriend & family joined us but we stayed in different hotels.

Our stay lasted for 3d/2n, it was pretty short but good enough as a break from school. I remember going out with my brother one night to check out the bars by the main beach. We just had some drinks and later on went "sight seeing"! I enjoyed that one.. hehe. The fun wasn't just all that, of course island trips won't be complete without water activities like snorkling and beach/island hopping. We also caught a lot of hermit crabs, gathered shells and went shopping for souvenirs on our last day there.
August 2006, I visited the hospital after work to see my very first niece. Yup, she's so lucky to be the first baby in the family! I used to be dad's girl but I guess not anymore, he'll be so fond of her and that's for sure. This is our baby Elisse, the one who liven up our home.

My mom was the one who named her since my brother couldn't make up his mind. When I learned about them naming her Elisse, I was a bit dismayed not because I don't like the name but that's the name I wanted for my own little girl in the future. Nothing much of a big deal with her name, I'm just happy that we have our little Elisse.

I have so much things to say about this girl. She makes me smile or cry whenever I think of her and look at her photos and videos. I can't wait til I hold her again. For now I'll reserve my thoughts for Elisse's other posts.

I love pictures so much that whenever I have my camera on hand, I just can't stop taking pictures.  I remember mom giving me my first personal film camera when I was in elementary.   From my younger years all the way to the present I've kept all those photographs which captured all the memories that I would always want to remember from time to time.

I thought of making this blog before leaving home, my family to start our own.  Through this, I can just write about anything.... family, friends, travels, elisse & my photos.  I know at some point I'll miss home and everybody, this blog will serve as my outlet to keep myself reminded of those fond moments we shared back home and all other things.
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