...3 low-cost schemes for a very rigid lot...

Aside from designing homes and other structures I love custom making my furnitures but unfortunately I can't share those designs I made before because my HD was formatted accidentally and lost all files. I love maximizing the use of spaces and I specialize more on small space designs so making my own furniture designs help a lot in giving justice with the space design. I remember hubs challenged me to make a small 2-sty office only given a lot size of 2 parking slots (3mx5m). I was able to make an efficient design out of it and I very much enjoyed that one.

...apartment split type...

Before I even had the idea of custom designing my furnitures and fixtures it was hubs who got into it first in the office. He explored making "GDL" (geometric description language from archicad) objects. He works on custom designs but the more complicated way, honestly I hated it. He knows and he completely understands why. I on the other hand will just enjoy construction out a design freely while he would try to encode algebraic equations to come up with such parametric or adjustable object profile. Sounds complicated? It does! Why will I bother doing Math & Algebra solving equation just to come up with such adjustable parameters? I'd rather simplify my ways and just do it how I do it, I'll leave the rest of the equation & fractions for him to solve. No way I passed that time when I had to deal with those numbers. I enjoy passing on the computations to the engineers at this point whenever I design something. Lazy? Hmmm, I'll say I just want to lessen my load! =P

...townhouse type w/ mezzanine...

I don't want to go back to those computing days so I am putting that aside. But if ever I am left with no other choice but to do it I think it won't be as hard as the "by the book" days. Now everything's out in the net. Just click here and click there and voila, you can get some homework help may it be dictionaries, science or math. Having this kind of online tutoring may be able to persuade me to work on more custom parametric designs in the future depending on how convenient it turns out. But one thing is for sure, I'll keep designing may it be parametric or not.

...single attach type...

The client has tight budget and very limited space so I had to maximize the space with minimal budget, very hard to do but not impossible. Which design (1,2 or 3) you think will work for them?


...same hospital where we brought FIL...

It's been a crazy week for the whole family and we're trying to take things easy this time around. I am taking a little chance to blog and blog hop today before the week gets too busy again. First of all thank you for all your well wishes for my FIL. He came out of the hospital last Thursday and on his road to recovery. I am assisting them still so I cannot have my much awaited rest yet plus me and hubs are preparing for baby's arrival this Feb 21. I have to go to my doctor every week now til I give birth and attend some preparation classes for birthing and newborn care. Hopefully we can start preparing our place next week once the rest of the family moves to their own apartment unit so that we can make the baby crib ready and all other baby stuffs. So many things to do still but it feels like the clock is ticking and we're running out of time, that's why I told baby to come out on his due date no more no less so mom and dad can prepare good for him! =P

...the hospital where I will deliver...

Eventhough our last week started crazy it ended pretty good. I received a baby shower hosted by my husband's officemate and we got so much stuffs from them. Lots of clothes, baby things and most important of all.... we felt so special with everything. We had good dinner, opened gifts later on and had some desserts and coffee before we all said goodbye to each other. More like a 4hr affair, we feel so so so blessed! I will share photos later on and blog more about it after my second baby shower to be hosted by my husband's cousin. Again I'd like to thank all of you who kept praying for my FIL's speedy recovery and for always being here with me, with us.
I will be off for a while and will not be able to hop to your blogs most especially this week. In any case you come by jif pj and see updated posts, those are scheduled posts saved previously. Me and baby are okay but my FIL was hospitalized last Sunday. Me and hubs rushed him to ER because he woke up and told us better bring him to the hospital because he was really feeling bad and having hard time breathing. Then found out that it's a heart attack. He wasn't aware of any sickness because he's been healthy all his life and thought his chest compressions for the past week (he wasn't really telling us about) couldn't be any serious than gas, spasm or tiredness. He is okay now but still recovering from his angioplasty procedure to unclog the main artery of his heart. Aside from the hospital matters I also have some work deadline to finish =) yes mommy-to-be is still working! I really won't be off for too long (hopefully).

May you all have a great week ahead!!

Las Vegas is about 8hrs drive from our area if I'm not mistaken and we missed the chance to go there last December 30 with hubs papa, mama and sis. Believe it or not the casino is more packed than ever during holidays, perhaps people just want to spend some good time in such a festive place with all the lights and nice structures around. They headed there driving not to gamble (though I know they want to play some slots there, why go if there's casino online) but just to take a little road trip and family time, only now that sis-in-law gets to travel along with her papa. We really couldn't come no matter what despite having some friends there who were spending holidays over Vegas. The trip will definitely exhaust me and might not be so healthy for baby too. Also hubs had to go to the office even on the 31st half-day so it's just not possible for us. Maybe next time Vegas!

It was really good that we stayed over, we managed to do things we wanted to do without much people here at home (except BIL was left here) and enjoyed some quiet time at home too. We were able to squeeze in some baby shopping time when hubs came home from work and also soon after we headed to attend a family dinner countdown for the New Year in San Rafael. We received an invitation from my husband's cousin who's hosting a party and us not wanting to spend a boring new year's eve decided to push going there. I admit that I was a bit homesick for the first time feeling so far from my family for the first time during Christmas and New Year. It's very fun back home and here there's nothing going on. We don't regret going for a long drive that New Year's Eve, hubs and I had fun eating and being with relatives and other people. There was even a program in which people performed and got prices and few games. It sure was fun!

This New Year's the 1st time I didn't really prepare anything because I used to do that back home. The pizza I thought of making was put on hold til the next day. Celebration here might not be as fun as how I used to celebrate it all these years but I'm happy, I know I can't have all good things in my grasp. I'm leaving you this fully loaded 16" pizza (I bought a plain 16" pepperoni coz I'm too lazy to make my own dough..hehe and I topped it with tons of stuffs) I made and hoping you all have a good weekend!

When do you really feel beautiful? Is it when you're all glammed up, Au Natural or does it simply come out within you?

We all have our own definition of beauty and we all see it in different ways. I think it's everywhere... in nature, in us and anything our eyes meet and perceive as pleasant to our sight. Sometimes feeling beautiful need not to have extra added efforts, simple things matter a lot.

Ladies out there, here are some products you might want to check out for your beauty needs:

This past year has been a very tough year for most people including us financially. Me and hubs had to do so much things which involved a lot of spending. Starting January last year we had to finance for the house renovation and finishing (their place) there in the Philippines and at the same time I had settle our flight tickets going here (had to be far away from my family). After that house thing we handled airfare tickets for his whole family (4pax) to migrate back here then followed by car maintenance and repairs (oil, tires, shocks, brake job, etc. check out Dallas auto repair for reference). I never thought the whole year passed with us just having to settle so much things!

Despite having such tough year, there were so many things in which we should be so thankful for like finally being together after long years apart, conceiving our first baby, started to add funds back to our Philippines accounts (to keep it active), hubs' office finally recovered from the economy stress, met new people (hubs' relatives, officemates, friends & my blogger friends) and most of all we've been healthy and safe all year through. Sometimes when things seem to go wrong we don't get to see the light and get all shattered at once. Yes so much things happened last year but as I ponder, I am just so happy to make it through with my husband by my side. I can proudly say we passed a year's test! I know there will be more years to come and more hurdles or troubles along the way, nothing in this life comes easy right? I believe we just need to make things work no matter what.

All our plans were put on hold last year, major plans for our future. We originally planned to buy a house right away but maybe it's not meant just yet. A car addition didn't push through also but we're seriously working on it now. Baby will need a good 4-door car and better if we can get something like SUVs or pick-up cars (Toyota, Chevrolet Silverado, etc) that has good space even for hauling things so when we finally move out from our apartment we definitely won't have problems with our things. Travel plan was also set aside but we managed to go around and enjoy even just going to nearby places here. Perhaps something that I learned from this past year is to be content and see things positively no matter how rough things can be.

What do you think this new year will bring you?


Do you see what I see?


...2nd appetizer cuz prepared, puff buttery bread with mild spicy tuna & cabbage
I don't have a good shot of the 1st one, chicken parmesan roll, very yummy...

I have been ranting about how much I've been craving to eat some foods but I really can't have much of those or even have those because of my strict nutritional diet for my pregnancy. I admit sometimes I cheat and eat more than I should (but need to face consequence of having a walk afterwards) or those foods that I am not supposed to have. It's easy to stay on track with the diet but what's hard is to resist some certain cravings, luckily my baby don't ask much of those foods =P

...3rd & last appetizer, mini pastrami crunchy buns...

It's most"cruel" when we have to attend an invite from hubs' cousin who has a deli shop. He's also practicing being a professional chef and makes such delish foods. We were there last August for his mom's birthday, November for Thanksgiving and some weekends in their place which happens to be like their barbeque day. Auntie is korean so you can tell that we eat very good korean barbeque whenever we go there. That's the kind of temptation I'm saying.

...red snapper & green salad by cuz and menudo hominy from aunt's Latino employees...

Tomorrow I'm officially stepping on my 8th month and I can tell that baby's also getting ready to be out being tired stretching and trying to get some room in my tummy. Some people are asking me already if I plan to work out to get back in shape after giving birth but honestly I am not thinking about that yet. I just simply say taking care of 2 babies (my husband and our baby) will make me lose all the baby weight I gained! *lol* My focus will be taking care of baby, feeding him right and taking care of myself too aside from hubs. No Power 90 or Insanity Workout just yet, I think i need some time to rest to provide better care for baby. In time I can for 10 Minute Trainer just to boost up myself but nothing too heavy as I would need enough energy to face more sleepless nights. What I'm actually thinking is to treat myself to some nice dishes and those all so tempting foods that I have been avoiding all this time. =D

...baked cheesy potato and back ribs, so so so good! his finale was his personal made pizza but too lazy to take a snap as I was too full =)...

...birthday cake that cuz prepared with the help of a friend who really makes cakes,
love the spongy texture and not so sweet taste...

ps: Sorry guys, you might notice the date for this one is for yesterday's post... I didn't notice I saved it instead of publish =P Have a good day/night to you all!


As you all know I'm nearing my due date already, about a month from now. Me and my husband are trying to get all the necessary things and baby furnitures baby will need. I have been going to stores to check out the best deals and actual displays and we also go through the internet to see the online products they have.

So far we were able to get a baby crib (convertible to toddler bed & sofa) with a matching changing table also a crib mattress. Those are one of the very basics baby will need once he arrives home. We already looked into strollers, infant carrier, toddler car seat, bouncers, rubbermaid high chair and other accessories that we'll need for a basic nursery. It's true what older people say, babies are not cheap! Of course we don't want to compromise the quality of whatever we'll get with for baby with the price so we have to be very careful with our purchases, those things that we'll get are intended for long time use. In a way we're also trying to complete some furnishings here at home so I'm thinking of getting a small bedroom vanity set where I can put all those powders, lotions, creams & the like to keep things organized here in the room. Believe it or not we don't have one since hubs lived here alone with his papa for a while.

The photos are not my real purchases, no photos yet since all those items are still in the box. I just got some similar photos from the net to show the stuffs that we got so far.
I'm the least techie person when it comes to computer problems and I just simply let my brother or my husband do the works not unless I have no choice but to troubleshoot it myself. I guess it's just me not wanting to mess up with the computer because it's tedious with all the wires, cables, installations and all.

How important is it really to keep a well maintained computer? Personally I'd say it's very important since my work highly depends on it. I'll be damned if something goes wrong and I can't work for the day, it happened several times and it just really messed my day. All my works got delayed thus leaving me more works to do the next days.

I try to take care of the unit as much as I can by nor abusing the use giving some "breather" with my big programs and being careful with the downloads. I leave all kinds of windows drivers, computer drivers or any kind of driver updates to hubs. I diligently do scheduled virus scans to protect it with my everyday use, nothing too techie for me. This way I can help improve and generally enhance the unit's performance.

Little things help right?

Last Halloween me and hubs together with his mama, papa & sister attended the Halloween costume & birthday party of his sobrino (nephew). It was a fun but chilly night and the food was great too. There was a catered Spanish dishes as his side of family are Latinos.

...our dinner plate with frijoles (refried beans), spanish rice, nachos and salsa, lettuce, guacamole & soft beef and chicken tacos...

...Halloween decors...

There was a short program and magic show hosted by a clown after the kids' fun time playing in the inflatable jumper and of course I took the liberty to snap away. If you notice the kids are multi-racial, that's why I titled this post mixed races. The birthday boy alone is half Greek and half Latino (Salvadorean).

...birthday boy getting too impatient to cut his ice cream cake, 3 happy birthday songs were sang & played in different languages...

....hubs' cousin in Cinderella with husband as Prince, the proud mom and dad of the handsome birthday boy...

...hubs' mama, tias (aunties), papa & tios (uncles)...

Honestly it's hard to mingle around his family if you don't at least understand their language. They all speak Spanish and just some English most especially oif they know you do understand them. I always have to pay close attention when I'm within a conversation so I can understand whatever everybody's saying even without hubs having to translate for me. Of course I don't understand everything, but in a way I can get by. I can only speak very minimal Spanish too. I really have to get back to my Spanish again because there will be more interaction with everybody in time. You'll totally feel left off if you can't get along with their conversation as they would ask you things and converse to you in their very own language.

...hubs with cousins...

The night was great and being with everybody made it more fun just being at home. It's nice to meet more and more of hubs' other side of family. Probably our next meeting will be when they see our baby once he's born. And speaking of baby, hubs and I already talked about how to teach our baby. We have to teach our baby to speak 3 basic languages which are English, Tagalog (Filipino) and Spanish. It will benefit him in time knowing all those languages and who knows if in time we can add other languages too. Our basics will include translation of the languages as we talk to baby so he can naturally absorb and get used with it. That way I can also improve my Spanish as we teach baby. It's not going to be easy but we'll do our best to educate our child. Besides it's not that hard to study different languages with the help of modern technology. There are many online translator sites that can guide and teach whatever desired language you desire to know.

I finally finished my big box of presents for my family!!! It's actually long been done but hubs' schedule was so tight during the holidays, the expected long vacation didn't turn out to be as expected because he had to come back rifgt after Christmas weekend. Our original plan of dropping the box off to the cargo office was delayed for another week after the New Year so as the baby shopping. Only if that box can fit in mailboxes / residential mailboxes then it will be a total surprise for them and faster delivery too. Having that box forwarded through a shipping company will take about 30days sailing to reach home.

I didn't fully document anymore what I put in the box, I was lazy to take photos of everything so I just snapped a quick one before I further stuffed and sealed it. Most stuffs are for our naughty Elisse and my younger sis. I told her I will send her many baking mixes and other sweet treats for her, she's such a sweet tooth! As for Elisse I got her some plush toys, books and clothes, many denims and snacks too. I just put some gifts for the rest of my family (mom, dad, grandma & bro) plus for my bestfriend of course and my childhood friend in the village. I also sneaked junk foods for my siblings there, I need to do some spoiling too! hehe! They mostly eat healthy home cooked foods at home so junkies from me won't be so bad! Mom can't say anything about it nor they can do something about those goods, no other way but to eat! Iam not telling them anything but I hinted sis I will send a box soon but later after Christmas and just don't mom about it. I can't wait til they get a notice letter in the mailbox or receive a call from the cargo company! I wish to see all the clothes fit to Elisse perfectly coz I am not sure of her size anymore after being away for almost a year now.


..bes and me (hehe with a little make-up for a change)...

Oh no, I'm not a dating guru but I think I can give you some dating advice if ever! =) My parents were way too strict to allow me to go out on dates but if it's with my bestfriend then definitely no problem at all. Me and bes used to go out and catch up with each other since we started working. It's just so hard to get our schedules straightened out but we managed to pull out some good times together. Only several occasions we went to watch movies but most of our "dates" were going to the spa, bowling, shopping, salon and eating out. Sometimes we'll just end up chilling out either in my place or hers.

...enjoying shot of our reflections by the window =)...

Not all the time it's just me and bes, sometimes we'll meet up with the rest of the girls and just hang around starbucks or somewhere else. It's fun being with the girls, no need for such pick up artist to impress you or needless to hear any pick up lines. Just plain bonding time chatting and relaxing. I honestly miss those times, I bet they too. The girls I used to hang out with also went to other places, 2 in Singapore, 1 here in US but nowhere near me, and the rest in the Philippines. I think that's one consequence of growing up, people go on their ways to find their success in life. I am just happy to have some captured moments with them during our date times.

...the girls (some)...


Hubs and I finally got our cordless handheld vacuum cleaner last month and good thing I remembered to mail in the warranty slip yesterday before it even expires. =) We think it's a good deal ($30) since we really can make good use of it. It's actually going to save us in the long run having to pay in the car wash just vacuuming the car. Now we have something to use anytime we need it we just have to make sure it's fully charged. I already tried it out yesterday cleaning the car interior and it's great! It's not that big and heavy for me to use with ease. Not only for the car that I get to try this handy vacuum, my first run was here in the room. I can say it cleaned our carpet pretty well. This will be great when baby comes, it's not as noisy as other vacuums.

Aside from the handheld vacuum cleaner we want to get a new bigger one which will be good for household use. There are so many bagless vacuums and commercial vacuums to choose from but we're so torn between slim upright vacuums and this cool irobot type. Definitely not considering any with vacuum bags, that's pretty much obsolete (for us) and we want a more space saving one. We're really eyeing on the iRobot cleaner but the price is just too impractical right now considering we're also starting to get baby furnitures. I guess we're just both getting excited for baby's arrival that we really want to thoroughly clean every inch of our place and even getting some new stuffs ditching the old ones to give our place a fresher look. =P

SPA or Sanitas Per Aqua meaning health through water or healing through water. This was my thesis back in 5th year college. I am so fond of going to spa and that's my way of keeping my body healthy. I was never fond of vitamins before, only now I am taking supplements because I have to. At times I go with mom and dad but my best spa buddy is my bestfriend and I also drag hubs to go with me or us so he can also relax those aching tired muscles.

What about SPA? For centuries, man uses natural curative springs to improve his health and as years pass the use use of technology in health care enrich contemporary methods of treatment. Although technology was introduced, the bath medicine still has an important position among the standard means with aim of improving the quality of living. During previous two centuries the range of knowledge concerning beneficial effects of natural curative resources and their practical use evolved along with the development of science.

In early times baths were done to last for almost 10 hours a day or even more that led to further to painful cracking of the skin. Through this the germs were being washed away through the open skin. Later on, number of bathing hours had been reduced. People who went to bath during these years had different purposes: 1) for the curative effects, those who want to be in good if not perfect form 2) for those who want to strengthen their own immunity system and prevent acute outbursts of chronic ailment which restricts them both in working and attending social life 3) for those who want to reduce the consumption of drugs and prevent hospital treatment 4) for those who seek qualified preventive genetic and environmental diseases.

Since earlier times the bath includes the practice of using essential oils, pure aroma therapy oils, steam, seaweeds, sea salts, mud, algae, plant extracts & fresh milk help cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize skin. It replenishes the skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities. The body is toned by strengthening skin and thus enhancing its elasticity and vitality leaving it refreshed, calm, soft, refined and clear of toxins.

Massages and body therapies contribute to the intricate balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a person. As one flows effortlessly though this intangible atmosphere, the aroma of flowers and fruits drift in the breeze helping clear one's thoughts. As the self is loosen in relaxation, the senses are indulged with sweet rewards leaving behind the busy world.

As for body treatments, these relieve tension and give a heightened sense of wholeness of a person. These also stimulate better blood circulation that combats the effects of natural aging process and helps maintain a youthful and healthy appearance. The treatments also foster deep relaxation and wellness that vanish body aches and pains and release tension and therefore contribute to a total rejuvenated physical and mental health.

This is my spa introduction for my thesis about 7-8yrs ago back then in college. I thought sharing this will be a better read for everybody. I know it's quite long nevertheless very informative. Nowadays there are so many spa places all over the globe and different treatments are being offered too. Swim spa or swim spas are "in" these days featuring pools with different treatments. No personal masseuse there but the pool does it for you like water treadmill and aquatic therapy equipment. I kind of prefer the old traditional massage aside from a nice hot dip in the pool. There are some spas with pools where treatment is being done while you're in water like the Mandala Spa in Boracay. There are many kinds of treatments we can really choose from and different kinds of massages depending on your preference. One thing I can guarantee after having a spa treatment, you'll surely feel so fresh and new inside and out.
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