Hubs and I finally got our cordless handheld vacuum cleaner last month and good thing I remembered to mail in the warranty slip yesterday before it even expires. =) We think it's a good deal ($30) since we really can make good use of it. It's actually going to save us in the long run having to pay in the car wash just vacuuming the car. Now we have something to use anytime we need it we just have to make sure it's fully charged. I already tried it out yesterday cleaning the car interior and it's great! It's not that big and heavy for me to use with ease. Not only for the car that I get to try this handy vacuum, my first run was here in the room. I can say it cleaned our carpet pretty well. This will be great when baby comes, it's not as noisy as other vacuums.

Aside from the handheld vacuum cleaner we want to get a new bigger one which will be good for household use. There are so many bagless vacuums and commercial vacuums to choose from but we're so torn between slim upright vacuums and this cool irobot type. Definitely not considering any with vacuum bags, that's pretty much obsolete (for us) and we want a more space saving one. We're really eyeing on the iRobot cleaner but the price is just too impractical right now considering we're also starting to get baby furnitures. I guess we're just both getting excited for baby's arrival that we really want to thoroughly clean every inch of our place and even getting some new stuffs ditching the old ones to give our place a fresher look. =P

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  1. lina Says:

    when baby starts to move around, your house definitely need to be clean all the time.

  2. levian Says:

    you are even vacuuming the car while being pregnant! tell me about not being able to keep still. it sounds so like you. :p i like the round one, we can often see some being promote lately. it is still quite around around here, many still look at it's demo with fascinated looks. :)

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    Cordless vacum? It will be handy in those hard-to-get corners right
    ? :p

  4. RNSANE Says:

    It is such fun getting ready for the baby! I know you want things to be spotless and clean but don't get too obsessive. Let me tell you, I'm an RN ( over 40 years now ) and I never sterilized bottles! I breastfed for the first couple of months and I figured, I can't sterilize my breast so I'm not sterilizing bottles. I washed them in the dishwaser, and put the nipples in, too, in a gauze bag on the top shelf ( after first cleaning them with a bottle and nipple brush in hot, soapy water ). My three sons did just fine and were totally health boys!

  5. Ayie Says:


    I am taking note Lina, most especially the carpet here because it tends to get dusty and baby will eventually crawl there in time =P

  6. Ayie Says:


    I still have to do things around but don't worry, I'm taking things one step at a time. I give myself a break too most esp now, I don't want to be in early labor! haha

  7. Ayie Says:


    True! Also handy cleaning cars and quick mess. No need to plug cords and unroll the big vacuum.

  8. Ayie Says:


    Oh no, I don't really believe being all so clean all the way. I think that will create more harmbecause the natural immunity won't work. I grew up fine with me being dirty playing out too! haha! I will just basics and what has to be done to keep baby healthy but won't restrict baby to explore too. Daddy's more delicate than mommy, that's for sure!

  9. Tes Says:

    Sounds like a handy cleaning tool to have around!

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