Hubs is trying to beat deadlines and doing much overtime. Whenever he needs to do overtime on weekends we try to keep him company. He wouldn't go to the office if there's no grave need, but this time he really needs to exert extra effort to keep up with the submission on Monday. We gave him a visit last Friday night and brought some dinner as well so he could go on and not starve himself. He was able to finish what he intended to accomplish but needs extra time over weekend.

Here we are right in daddy's office now again, it's Sunday and we all want to be together even if that means having to wait for him. Brought in toys, activity book, foods and gadgets to keep me and J busy. Cool that I get to blog even a bit and J occupied playing. 

It is important for an individual, a couple or a family to have their own quality time alone.  This is very hard when you are surrounded by many people but there will always be a window period when you can have that little quality time.  Regardless how it will be spent, what matters most is doing it for yourself, together with your dear partner or a fun time with your family.

I remember how me and hubs spent our 5th wedding anniversary last 2012 with our little boy.  We booked for an overnight stay in a hotel not too far from our place just to be able to spend some quality time as a family in a more intimate manner.  That was actually a brilliant idea because we had much fun even for that short one night escapade.  We don't mind having our boy around because we're enjoying every second of the time we can with him, time flies and he's growing up so fast.  

We're simple people, we don't need much activities to enjoy a family day.  Baby had fun playing with his trains alone for a while in the room, we all had fun swimming that same afternoon and then a nice quiet evening for me and hubs watching TV while baby J in deep sleep being tired from afternoon swim.  The next morning me and baby explored through the hotel and took some nice photos while daddy's still sleeping.  A nice breakfast for all of us to finish off our mini escapade.  Very simple indeed but we all had our quality time.

I know most couples would say it's hard to find time alone once you have kids.  It's true but there will always be time.  Some friends or relatives for instance might offer a babysitting for a little time so you can go out for a date.  As shy as you may be, don't always throw away the offer. Find the perfect time to take the offer and enjoy some time alone.  It may be as simple as just a lunch out or a movie, what's important is the fact that you don't need to watch after your kid while enjoying a meal together even for a wee time.  Have a drink or two, do something you haven't done for a while.

Perhaps not all couples will agree to our kind of quality time alone, this is just our simple way of doing things.  It won't be surprising if for some, a hotel booking in Executive Fantasy Hotels without the kid would have been more desirable.  Nothing wrong with that it's completely acceptable,  enjoying a suite of their own even for just a night would be their ultimate quality time. 

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