We take J to the jungle gym on Sundays from 5pm til 8pm. They have a free play from 5pm on on Sundays so we take the chance for our little boy to play, explore and most especially burn the energy. 

At first you can expect his drama, crying and asking to be helped. It's pretty normal for him to just get into the mood for mere 30mins and worse when he still fusses about in an hour. Usually he'll end up meeting other kids and they will end ip all playing together. Once he's in the playing mood it's hard to follow him around as he keeps up so well with the bigger kids.

This facility is nice because it's indoor and there's an additional outdoor play area as well. Just be cautious and keep upur eyes peeled on your little one as it can be literally like a jungle there once super hyper big kids start playing through the maze. I feel bad when my boy cries when frightened by rough play but that's part of growing up. He has to learn how to play, interact and look after himself. 

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