I'm getting impatient waiting for the response from the person handling our business registration, up to now we haven't heard for any update. I emailed her the other night to double check what's the status and hopefully we'll get some light with the whole thing soon.

To keep myself not being upset I tried revising our logo. Hubs sort of hinted he doesn't like anymore the one I designed before, he wants something simpler looking and more concise. I have to say I really love the original I designed but I have to make something that he will be very happy with too.

At first I thought of checking for some logo works online but later on decided to just sketch out my own design as usual. At first I was thinking it might be good to consult a logo design guru or other logo design pros to make sure our logo will look very professional, then some design schematics came in my mind. I just started sketching it all out and showed it to hubs, he loved it! I just need to refine the design and then show him the final one and see if he'll approve of it.
Last Wednesday we attended the band concert for SIL, she played the flute. We were impressed how good they play now, so much improved compared to last year when they were just beginning. We're glad to see her so active and excelling really good in school.


Last year she had to bring her books because there were no lockers for their grade just yet but this year she happily mentioned she got her locker already. If I remember it right the school lockers were provided for the band members for them to keep their instruments there. Though she doesn't really need it as much as others do because she's being brought and picked up from school everyday with a car unlike other kids who walk many blocks from home to school and vice versa.


SIL has really grown so much now, soon she'll be in highschool. The little girl is now a young lady. Seeing these old photos made me miss the old times, so much.

My grandmother used to buy so much gold jewelries and I remember those times she was taking me with her to Mr. Zamora, the man who makes and creates all those jewelries she buys. Grandma always tells me it's good to invest with gold jewelries and I can even pass it on to my kids in the future as an heirloom.

I know what she meant by that but my passion and attraction for yellow gold faded during my highschool years and so. Yellow gold is very appealing to snatchers and I have witnessed some snatching during my commuting days. A lady who was wearing a gold hoop earrings and it was pulled from her ears so fast, that was shocking considering it was raining and the tarp was covering the passenger from outside view. I guess those culprits can see through even the almost opaque tarp.

...just like what was snatched from me except the embossed name...

Another incident was when I was I college and I was wearing the gold bracelet with embossed ID of my name. A gift for my 18th birthday, and it was snatched from my arm so fast. It even left bruise on my arm, the snatcher had a hard time pulling my bracelet since it's thick. So I decided no more yellow gold for me and I started using white gold instead. It's not as flashy as yellow gold and almost the same value.

I understand what my grandma means whenever she says I have to invest for the future and gold is something that can last a lifetime. However I am not too keen anymore about jewelries and I'd rather get bullion. I think a gold bullion can be easily kept and deposited for investments than jewelries. So if I were to buy anything gold for investment, I'd prefer to buy bullion. I don't really mind whatever my grandma has to say about it because I had such experiences I wouldn't want my future kids to witness as well.

How much do you love your job? If it poses detriments to your health, will you think twice dropping it?

My line of work involves construction, I used to work in field office in a construction site. I loved it, it was exciting, challenging and a lot different than just being behind the desk drafting. As exciting it may be, there are many dangers within a construction site. Physical dangers on the other hand like falling debris, open wires, ledges or so have standard precautionary measures. Though these can be fatal at some degree, there are far more dangerous cases in such field which cannot be seen by the naked eyes.

In the construction field you can be exposed to certain dust or tiny fibers of materials like asbestos which is known to cause certain diseases. Infrequent exposure might not be so harmful but an accumulative exposure can pose a big threat to one's health. It's a known fact that these harmful materials aren't just evident in construction sites, workplaces likes offices and homes can also have these.

One way to determine if a place is contained is to call for an analysis, an asbestos survey will be conducted to check the area if it has presence of asbestos. Upon checking, it can be removed by professionals if needed. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a quote for such services if that can protect one's health. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure."

iPad is one of the latest addition to the Apple family. A tablet computer particularly intended for audio and other visual media applications. It's a very efficient and portable device for those who are always on the go and who love to keep themselves busy reading ebooks,watching movies, playing some music, surfing the net and even playing games. ho wouldn't love such gadget if you can do all these things and just needing to carry roughly 25oz, just like any other smartphones and netbooks.

For those who love to watch videos and having hard time to convert video formats to be able to play on iPad, ImToo video converter can do the trick for you. It's a software which converts various video formats capable of doing edits in 150 different audio and video formats. This iPad video converter must be one of the best video converter for Mac.

I have a thing for witches and delivery girls. They are always so sweet and charming when they deliver goods to my door, the delivery girls that is. As a lonely man who never leaves the house, my contact with human being is very minimal, and when these perky young ladies ask me for a signature, I can sense that there is a connection between us, that when I put my pen to paper we are connected some way, not just in the world of commerce but on a personal level. That is because we are. I see it in her eyes. Yes, a delivery girl is a friendly person, a wonderful thing that brightens this world with her smile.

Witches are thought to be evil, but when they are cute little witches that are also delivery girls, the idea of evil vanishes away like a package sent to Antarctica, the glacier continent. I do not know if this is because witches are misunderstood, as they were certainly treated with fire in the olden days, or that delivery girls are so magical that they overcome any previous stigma. When I watch Kiki's Delivery Service, all I feel is an nugget of warmth bursting in my soul, and this is why it is my favorite animated movie of all time. I watch Kiki's Delivery Service on premium movie channels on direct.tv.

Kiki's Delivery Service - My Favorite Animated Movie to Watch on Satellite TVI appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

The leaves are starting to change colors and even daytime is getting cooler than before. It's a good thing that we already enclosed the entire living room making baby safer away from the heater. We have to turn on and make use of our gas heater now that the nights are cold. It must be nice to have a fireplace other than the gas heater we have. Aesthetically speaking it looks so much better too compared to a big vertical metal grill enclosing the heater.

Having a fireplace has more options other than burning wood,
gas logs can make the home toasty and cozy too. It can be like the traditional wood burning with the vented gas logs or better with the ventless gas logs omitting such emissions and maintaining a warmer temperature more efficiently. Thanks to gas log FAQs I get to know the difference between the two. Unlike fire logs, the ashes and coals left make quite a mess and there's no way to fully control the heat compared to R.H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs which can easily be turned on and off when you need to. Nothing can beat a warm and toasty home on a cold dark night. Certainly will give you a good night sleep without the chill. Not to worry about being outdoors too during cold nights, there are outdoor gas logs which can keep you warm. No need to burn woods like having a campfire though the only catch, no marshmallows and smores. =)


Happy Weekend to all!!

Whenever I try to bloghop my little smiley will always wake up so mommy's "busted". It's going to be a very busy weekend for us, we've got errands and project presentation on Tuesday. Looks like all work and no rest for our family weekend. Got to go for now!

...halloween snaps 2009...

Halloween is just a week away and I am still searching for some costume ideas. Big daddy got Darth Vader costume for our little boy but of course mommy wants something cute too like animal costume or something. We're quite excited for the trick or treat, it will be our first time with baby. Last year we only watched kids trick or treating when I picked up hubs from work.

...halloween snaps 2009...

I don't know if I'll dress up with any costume, maybe if I can make one with whatever clothes I have then I will but I don't really intend to buy one for myself. There are numerous costumes online but I find it impractical to spend for that, it's fine with baby because he can always play dress up anyway and still make use of it afterwards.

c/o internet image

As I was searching I found this Garfield medical scrubs for sale and I admit, it brightened me up and put a smile on my face. I am not crazy over the scrubs idea but the design. I love Garfield and he's my favorite carton character, in fact I have Garfield collections back home. I left it all there. It's amazing how these medical uniforms online got such cute designs nowadays, well at least for the women's. For some reason I don't find mens scrub uniforms with cute cartoon characters very pleasing to the eyes.

c/o internet image

Anyway, I have no plans of buying that garfield scrubs no matter how much I'd love to have that for my collection. It's getting chilly now most especially at night so if I were to wear something else, it has to be more covered and layered. One thing's for sure,we will not miss this year's halloween celebration. I'll definitely take many pictures of this upcoming festivity.

...halloween snaps 2009...
We were talking casually to one friend who loves to go to Vegas, she's quite a gambler. She'll make it a point to go there with the family or even by herself or with other friends and make sure to hit up the betting tables. There are times she wins and some unlucky days too. I think she's in such time of her life in which she can enjoy such luxury and not worry much of other things.

I know how addictive it is to stay in the casino as I had a chance to go to one with mom and dad when we had a vacation. The hotel we checked in had a casino so we tried checking it out and I played some slots. It was ages ago and I can't even remember if I win or lose. Definitely I didn't spend much coz I was allotting my money to buy souvenirs.

I wonder how it would be if you win a big money in the casino. I only see things in the movie but don't really have any idea how the casino winnings are given and how the casino winnings taxes are handled. Why should there be gambling tax? I really don't understand so maybe the next time we meet with our friend I can ask her my questions. In any case that we hit Vegas or any casino nearby we'll know the terms and what goes around there.

Mommy duty is not easy, everything's very time restricted. Now that baby's almost 9mos old, he's more active and awake. Putting him to sleep is a bit of a task now. He just seems to have more energy and always trying to hold his sleepiness. My life before baby came was just all work and house stuffs but now it's a lot more exciting with baby keeping most of my time. Now passing time is never dull and just plain old work busy anymore.

While other people enjoy passing time playing online games, facebooking, tweeting or simply surfing the net I am having much more fun watching my little boy move around. I know quite a number of friends who are hooked with internet slots, poker flash and other online casino games. They said it's fun dealing online and even introducing me to try blackjack download for a game sample. If I were to do extra internet stuffs I might as well just update my social networks since it's been so inactive. Well again that will all depend on any extra time baby will spare me.

Remember about our car search? I bet you can since I have been writing about it and up to now we haven't settled on one yet. I can say it's a good decision afterall. We had to weigh the situation and decided that we'll get the other car next year and as much as possible when we have our house already.

In the apartment where we're staying, we're only allowed for 1 parking slot at the back garage and if you have another vehicle then you may park it anywhere outside. Since me and baby really don't go out anywhere far needing to have a car, it's not necessary to rush with the purchase. We don't want to deal with parking and due to practicality reasons as well. We can see more use of the other vehicle once baby starts using a front facing seat and when he's bigger. Though having another car can be good for emergencies, it's not so much of a big deal right now.

It's also a blessing in disguise because having it put on hold opened a better door for us. We can get another vehicle whether new, used even from the dealers through hubs' cousin who's in car business. Hubs have to work on some designs for their shop and office renovation that's why he got the chance to ask about car deals with his cousin too. We believe that we can get a better deal and better working car from them.

We just need to nail down the car models that we intend to choose from. We can even see how much those high end brand cars like audi a3, subaru forester, lexus and the likes can cost. Not that we're eyeing on getting such expensive car but for the sake of knowing the market. As for now I just keep gathering car classified magazines to help us see options there. Another thing is to check for quick car insurance quote before we make the deal and we'll all set bythe time we're ready for the purchase.


Our very first Ghibli souvenir, TOTORO!!!!
Thanks Lina!

Happy Friday to all of you and see you in your blogs!

Before our flight back 2009, my family went to Tiendesitas for our despedida or farewell dinner. We were supposed to meet with hubs family but something unfortunate happened to my dad's brother. Uncle was rushed to the hospital and that same night too if I'm not mistaken, we lost him too. My mom and dad were torn between rushing to the hospital and the family dinner so they just decided to cancel the dinner with hubs' family, eat a quick dinner before we head home and mom and dad rushed to the hospital right after.

We had some chance to enjoy and play in an arcade before they received the call. You can even see form the photos that were having fun. Enjoy particularly enjoyed that Barn place with all the rides and fun stuff for kids. It's just right across where we ate and did some window shopping. Elisse was very happy to see the pets area, there were so many pets for sale. She watched the dog grooming was very much amazed that dogs do get "haircut" as she noted. There were many spoodles for sale Sydney and nice furry cats, even luckier that same night a dog show was being held. We watched a bit as mom was looking for a place to eat.

We had grilled fish, ginataang kuhol (snail in coconut sauce), bicol express (spicy pork in coconut sauce), grilled pork, mangoes, shrimp paste, salted egg with onions and tomatoes. Yummy! Seeing all these foods makes me crave for those! Oh well, it's nice to remember the old days. Next time around baby will be included in the photos, that's for sure.

Once again I am just sneaking to write this post, I just finished nursing baby and will have to resume preparing foods for tomorrow. It's 30 past midnight now and both my boys are sleeping, mommy on the other hand has to finish just a few more things and will eventually go to sleep in a while.

Some of you are in my FB account and maybe you noticed too that my FB is still lifeless as ever. My sister once teased me about it but what can I do, I just don't have the luxury of time to do it as much as others. I know it can really be so addicting most especially the games just like those online casino and other online games. I can't believe almost everybody's hooked, it must be really fun but I bet very time consuming.

Up to now I haven't even checked the security options and other things there in FB, I just log when there's friend request or message and sometimes when I'm tagged. I have so much catching up to do with friends and I will =)

It was a very busy weekend and very tiring too. Had to do some renders til 3-4am therefore I didn't really get to sleep. I'm just a bit relieved that the interior designer liked my renders and she sounds very happy about it. It's good news not only for my much anticipated extra rest but also for my home earnings for this month. Too bad I can't share here the renders which I have produced, I'd have to ask for permission first before I get to post any of the images.

Hubs is so happy and proud of our little side business success because it helps so much in the budget and savings. Lately he's been seriously studying and researching about online trading and stock trading also looking into online banking pros and cons. I honestly prefer to stick to our conventional banking because that's more reliable I believe so. We want to boost our savings and prepare for future needs. Though as much as I want to help him with his researches and studies I'd rather leave him alone with those online broker and mobile trading stuff, it's totally out of my league. Having all these extra works can further help us set up my IRA accounts for future retirement benefits.

That's it for now, got to rest this aching back of mine. Already out baby to sleep, checked for client replies, dishes done, prepared my ingredients for tomorrow's food and sneak a little blogging. No time to blog hop for now so pardon my absence. Nightnight!!!

For the longest time hubs has been trying to get approved for capital one credit card (he noted it among best credit cards right now) so he can have an extra credit cards when we go travel but he's always being declined. He finds it frustrating that he even received several offer letters for him then when he submits they decline it. Like what the heck was that? He received an offer from them but the don't want to give it to him?

We were thinking the company was having a confusion with his name and his father's with him being a Jr. He actually gave up applying because he didn't feel good being declined and he has good credit score and stable enough to acquire one. Once again he received another form from them so I told him I'll do the works. I filled out the form they sent to apply for a credit card and noted some corrections with the name to avoid the same old confusion. He got it! I was even planning to keep it as a surprise at first but he received an email notification ahead so he excitedly kept asking me if I got his Capital One in the mail. Oh well I had to give it coz he won't stop bugging me about it. He said he got excited after receiving the email saying he can now activate his card.
It was a pleasant day with the very nice weather so when baby got up from his morning nap I decided to take him out for walk. We passed by a friend's house whom we met during one of our day walk. It's good to see baby interacting with other babies, he was pretty much behaved there and I'm so proud of him. We didn't stay there long because I wanted to walk him all the way daddy's office for a little surprise visit. Daddy was so happy to see his little boy so as all his co-workers. We headed back home and thought of passing by my in-laws for a quick visit but baby happened to fall asleep on our way home so I just brought him straight home instead.

Meeting new friends is good, we get to talk to other people and know more things happening in our community. We were even invited to attend if we can a special activity session for babies/toddlers on Tuesdays very near our place. That sounds like fun though I'll have to make time for it. It's not that easy because I do work from home and in the middle of registering our home business. Not only that I have to finish reading through the work from home articles from HomeBusinessBug.com, there are also several deadlines I have to meet within the coming weeks. I told hubs about it and he was excited and told me to go. I think I have to give a serious consideration for that little time baby can meet new friends and enjoy playing with other babies too.


It's baseball season and last year we enjoyed watching the baseball game with hubs' officemates and it was fun. I had the best time with my camera capturing the action and the great sunset view while watching the game. I was few months pregnant that time and I completely enjoyed the foods there too. No hotdogs for me because I went for the ribs!

We brought with us hubs younger sister and she definitely enjoyed the game. It was her first time watching a live game and joining the YMCA cheer. Our tickets were free that time compliments of hubs' officemate and having the tickets one hand was really convenient. No need for long lines and queue just like having the tickets purchased online.

We're not going to any sporting event this time around, baby comes first and he's not yet ready for that just yet. In any case for those who are ready for the action just check out www.ticketamerica.com to see what's roasting in Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Yankee Stadium, AT&T Center, AT&T Park, Staples Center and all other stadiums. It's easier to get tickets online than taking your chances right there in the stadium.


I love to paint and I've been missing my paintbrushes for the longest time. I had this simple Kenshin Himura (Samurai X) artwork done I believe sometime 2008. I remember trying to finish this painting whenever Elisse will be out of the house and I get to have some quiet time alone. Whenever I see her from the balcony where I was painting I will hurriedly pack up and keep all my watercolors and brushes. I never thought this painting can bring back some fond memories....

I also want to dedicate this post to my little boy who just turned 8months today =)
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