The leaves are starting to change colors and even daytime is getting cooler than before. It's a good thing that we already enclosed the entire living room making baby safer away from the heater. We have to turn on and make use of our gas heater now that the nights are cold. It must be nice to have a fireplace other than the gas heater we have. Aesthetically speaking it looks so much better too compared to a big vertical metal grill enclosing the heater.

Having a fireplace has more options other than burning wood,
gas logs can make the home toasty and cozy too. It can be like the traditional wood burning with the vented gas logs or better with the ventless gas logs omitting such emissions and maintaining a warmer temperature more efficiently. Thanks to gas log FAQs I get to know the difference between the two. Unlike fire logs, the ashes and coals left make quite a mess and there's no way to fully control the heat compared to R.H. Peterson Real Fyre gas logs which can easily be turned on and off when you need to. Nothing can beat a warm and toasty home on a cold dark night. Certainly will give you a good night sleep without the chill. Not to worry about being outdoors too during cold nights, there are outdoor gas logs which can keep you warm. No need to burn woods like having a campfire though the only catch, no marshmallows and smores. =)

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  1. lina Says:

    How romantic it must be to have a fireplace in a home. :)

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