Remember about our car search? I bet you can since I have been writing about it and up to now we haven't settled on one yet. I can say it's a good decision afterall. We had to weigh the situation and decided that we'll get the other car next year and as much as possible when we have our house already.

In the apartment where we're staying, we're only allowed for 1 parking slot at the back garage and if you have another vehicle then you may park it anywhere outside. Since me and baby really don't go out anywhere far needing to have a car, it's not necessary to rush with the purchase. We don't want to deal with parking and due to practicality reasons as well. We can see more use of the other vehicle once baby starts using a front facing seat and when he's bigger. Though having another car can be good for emergencies, it's not so much of a big deal right now.

It's also a blessing in disguise because having it put on hold opened a better door for us. We can get another vehicle whether new, used even from the dealers through hubs' cousin who's in car business. Hubs have to work on some designs for their shop and office renovation that's why he got the chance to ask about car deals with his cousin too. We believe that we can get a better deal and better working car from them.

We just need to nail down the car models that we intend to choose from. We can even see how much those high end brand cars like audi a3, subaru forester, lexus and the likes can cost. Not that we're eyeing on getting such expensive car but for the sake of knowing the market. As for now I just keep gathering car classified magazines to help us see options there. Another thing is to check for quick car insurance quote before we make the deal and we'll all set bythe time we're ready for the purchase.

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7 Responses
  1. lina Says:

    Good luck in your search for best deals, Ayie. :)

  2. rainfield61 Says:

    Seems like you can enjoy a better car, tax on cars is high in Malaysia.

  3. Tekkaus Says:

    But toyota. How about Vios? :D

  4. wenn Says:

    i want a camry..

  5. Unknown Says:

    "Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

  6. fufu Says:

    and can drive me around when i am there...bet you would have got a car by that time

  7. good luck in your car search.

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