I love to paint and I've been missing my paintbrushes for the longest time. I had this simple Kenshin Himura (Samurai X) artwork done I believe sometime 2008. I remember trying to finish this painting whenever Elisse will be out of the house and I get to have some quiet time alone. Whenever I see her from the balcony where I was painting I will hurriedly pack up and keep all my watercolors and brushes. I never thought this painting can bring back some fond memories....

I also want to dedicate this post to my little boy who just turned 8months today =)
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20 Responses
  1. love your artwork very much, Ayie. Happy 8 month old to your son!

  2. Your baby boy is already 8 months old! Time flies! He brings much joy to the family, eh? :D

  3. suituapui Says:

    You did that!!! Gee! You can go professional! So very nice! Go and work for those anime production companies.

  4. Fantastic artwork, you are very talented,congratulations! :)
    Lots of love to your adorable son and all family there!
    God bless you

    purrs from LUNA - thanks so much for your always kind words!

  5. Tekkaus Says:

    Wow...this is your masterpiece. Awesome! As for me...I draw from time to time. But painting...it has been awhile.

  6. Diane AZ Says:

    Wonderful painting, you really are talented! Enjoy :D

  7. [SK] Says:

    that's a very nice painting Ayie!! you're cool~~

  8. [SK] Says:

    haha, and i'm imagining how you hurriedly keep all your tools when you sense Elisse coming back, that's very funny!! hahaha~~ :D

  9. Bengbeng Says:

    time just flies... 8 months i didnt realize it has been so long. u r very talented ref the art work

  10. betchai Says:

    oh wow, did not know you pain too Ayie, this is wonderful piece. soon your little boy will be a year old. Sorry, my schedule have been so busy I am so late in catching up, will try to give you a call one of these days if I get a chance, miss talking to you too, however, there is just too little time :(

  11. lina Says:

    Happy 8 months to Jariel! My, he's sure growing fast. :)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous painting, Ayie, and happy 8th months Jariel!

  13. fufu Says:

    yeah you draw pretty good...dont stop it...keep drawing my friend =p

  14. OMG! You know how to draw and paint cartoon? And may your child grow healthier and healthier. Happy 8 months old to your baby.

  15. zakkalife Says:

    Ayie, I didn't know you could paint! Have shared about this before? Your watercolor looks great. Hope you find some time to get back into it again. Every mom needs something of her own.

  16. Autumn Belle Says:

    Oh wow, this is a beautiful piece of artwork. I like anime very much. Sometimes, I watch Naruto with my son. Your son is 8 months old already? How time flies!

  17. mimi Says:

    fond memories back home will keep us alive..be strong!nice artwork..i hardly paint/draw anything!;p

  18. ladyviral Says:

    I haven't paint in ages... the last I painted was when I was still in school.
    and that was when I get my self or clothes with paint alot :p.

  19. Busy with baby? No updates yet? :)
    Spend more time with your darling son and hubby. Cheers!

  20. Pete Says:

    Wah you paint very well.

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