I have a thing for witches and delivery girls. They are always so sweet and charming when they deliver goods to my door, the delivery girls that is. As a lonely man who never leaves the house, my contact with human being is very minimal, and when these perky young ladies ask me for a signature, I can sense that there is a connection between us, that when I put my pen to paper we are connected some way, not just in the world of commerce but on a personal level. That is because we are. I see it in her eyes. Yes, a delivery girl is a friendly person, a wonderful thing that brightens this world with her smile.

Witches are thought to be evil, but when they are cute little witches that are also delivery girls, the idea of evil vanishes away like a package sent to Antarctica, the glacier continent. I do not know if this is because witches are misunderstood, as they were certainly treated with fire in the olden days, or that delivery girls are so magical that they overcome any previous stigma. When I watch Kiki's Delivery Service, all I feel is an nugget of warmth bursting in my soul, and this is why it is my favorite animated movie of all time. I watch Kiki's Delivery Service on premium movie channels on direct.tv.

Kiki's Delivery Service - My Favorite Animated Movie to Watch on Satellite TVI appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

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