Happy Weekend to all!!

Whenever I try to bloghop my little smiley will always wake up so mommy's "busted". It's going to be a very busy weekend for us, we've got errands and project presentation on Tuesday. Looks like all work and no rest for our family weekend. Got to go for now!
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19 Responses
  1. Tekkaus Says:

    Awww...he is so adorable. Happy weekend to you too. :D

  2. lina Says:

    He sure has a sweet smile. Have a great weekend Ayie! :)

  3. what a cutie pie, love his sweet smile.

  4. suituapui Says:

    Ooooo....co cute! Muuuuaaaahhh!!!!

  5. Sidney Says:

    Waht a cute smile...a little sunshine in the house !

  6. Bonjour Sweetie!
    Your "precious boy"is adorable, this smile is a gift, so cute!
    Thanks so much for your always kind comments, and please forgive my late visit.I'm getting crazy with two different classes ( French ) here, but I'm keen on about my studies.
    Wish you all a lovely week,

  7. Diane AZ Says:

    What a happy boy, love the sweet smile!

  8. Carver Says:

    What a beautiful smile on your beautiful child.

  9. Pete Says:

    Happy weekend to you to....cutie cutie!

  10. Autumn Belle Says:

    He is so cute and adorable, this smile is guarantee to melt anyone's heart!

    Ayie, may I know what model of Panasonic Lumix camera are you using? Is it easy to operate?

  11. Merryn Says:

    CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! So love his smile :D

  12. betchai Says:

    what a beautiful smile Ayie, hope you will have a restful week after a busy weekend :)

  13. fufu Says:

    hihihi he is cute! spend more time with him :) lol

  14. zakkalife Says:

    such a cute smile :)

  15. Bengbeng Says:

    it is a nice way to b busted :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I show your picture to my family and they said: ooooooh, aaaaaaaah..He is precious, Ayie!

  17. Ayie Says:

    Autumn Belle,

    Ours is a very old compact type slr DMC-FZ10. It's very easy to operate since I never really read the manual and able to use it. The zoom capacity is great. I suggest you check the latest units which are sleek and point and shoot type but with great zooming and mpx. Hope this helps.

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