Hi dear bloggers!  I just want to share this one, it's me at 3yrs old and our little boy at 2yrs old.  I just noticed the resemblance of reaction and a bit of everything else! lol!  What do you think?  Anyway I think I'm done for the night..... baby drained my energy at the park earlier tonight and I'm ready to join him to sleep!  Goodnight and enjoy your weekend!

Practicality must be practiced nowadays.  Since money doesn't grow on trees and we have to work to earn it, spending wisely can help stretch out those dollars.  Say for instance getting brand new things over used stuffs, there are some things we can compromise not being new.

Thrift store is a practical choice here when it comes to used furnitures and some clothing.  You can find great deals and total bargains but you'll have to spend good time really looking and searching.  There are some brand new items too, not everything's pre-owned.  There are also wholesale places and flea markets which sell very affordable goods.

There are also special supply places which sell brand new and used commercial items like hotel supplies & catering supplies.  All those high end hotel supply can be bought in PeachSuite Wholesale Hotel & Restaurant Supplier  sites.  There are also other branch stores which carry the same items but it's not as many as regular thrift stores catering furniture and clothing.  Using something pre-owned or used isn't bad as long as you know how to choose good and clean good whatever you buy.

There are many ways of promoting your website whether it's online or offline.  Let's discuss few pointers on how to promote your website offline.  As we all know advertising is everywhere, it can be in the form of billboards, freebies, catalogs, etc.  When promoting your website offline one thing you should never forget is inserting or posting your web address or URL like in yellow pages, toll free numbers, letterheads and all other advertising medium

There's also online promotions in terms of  search engine marketing, newsletters, social media packages, affiliates, link exchange or creating your own online ad.  These are things that you may do yourself but if you don't want to do any of these you may simply get services from internet marketing companies.  These companies will work on your internet marketing through search engine optimization, making your site more visible for searches on the web.  Getting help from an SEO reseller is one easy way of doing your promotions. This will practically do everything for you with more systematic and experienced approach.


I have decided to review playgrounds and parks that me and baby go to.  It just surprised me when some of our friends didn't know about the nearby really good playgrounds and they kept going the same one over and over again.  Some of them goes to farther ones which is quite a drive.  Since I have been exploring and continuously searching for different playgrounds and parks to bring my boy, writing about those parks can help other people in our area be familiar with the different parks.


I love bringing my boy to Marijane Hamann Park in San Jose.  It is pocketed within a community making it feel more secured than those parks along the main roads.  It has 3 different playgrounds for kids of certain ages.  The toddler playground is gated which is ideal for parents with little cruisers.  This way the kids can't go anywhere outside the play area.  The split levels and sprawl of the toddler playground is very navigable for babies age 1-3.  There's a small tube where kids can pass going to the bigger slides which is definitely very interesting for little tots.

The bigger playground is for kids 4+, though it looks intimidating for little ones they can still navigate through it of course with adult supervision.  My 2yr old can actually go through the course to play on the bridge and slides.  The fun part is the separate spiral slide tower, kids certainly love going up and down that slide.

There's a more challenging structure for bigger kids.  That's the third playground in which has this spinner, a fun way to get dizzy I'd say.  Not to worry because the playground surfaces are very friendly.  There are softer mulch playground surfacing like of Rubberecycle's which is mild enough for kids to fall in. 

The last feature is a set of swings but I didn't take much photos of it anymore.  It has the seat type where you can lounge and swing, a regular one for bigger kids and a basket type for babies.  There's also a big field with some picnic tables with griddles, tennis courts and baseball / softball area.  This is definitely a park for the entire family. 

Old House or Newly Built House? This is something to consider when you are looking for a place to buy.   Housing will always cost a good amount of money but in the long run as compared to renting, you will end up saving more. Of course not everybody thinks the same way but for us, having our own house will further give us more benefits in the future.

Though old houses might cost much lower than new ones, there's so much to check and consider when you get an old house.  Depending on how old it is, the maintenance and certain retrofit will definitely play a bigger role in determining the real value of the house.  Will you really save in the end?  As we all know old houses mostly are outdated in which will require more attention than new houses.  Having a new house might be more costly but you'll definitely have at least 5 more years before any maintenance job has to be done. 

Insulation is a big deal when it comes to houses. Old houses are mostly poorly insulated and having to re-do the whole insulation process will be a big headache.  New houses on the other hand are very updated, a new building material which is called ICF insulated concrete forms does a great job on this aspect.  Using this material, insulating basement walls and any other walls is no longer an issue.  It is made from cement bonded wood fiber making it more structurally sound than regular gypsum or hard wall system.  

For us having a new home will be a more practical choice but if a newly remodeled old house comes to the picture then that's a thing to think about.  Price will still determine which one we can affordin the end.



Hello fellow bloggers and dear readers. It's been so long since I last wrote here. Just for quick update why I have been missing in action for the longest time, our little boy is already 28mos now. He's more active than ever, park days, playdates and other activities take practically all of my time. I am still managing our home office so my online activities were totally sacrificed.

I get to see your new posts and updates only through my saved blogs' previews. I miss the interaction and little chats with the fellow bloggers but I'll get back to it soon. I am assuming I will be having a little more time to do some online stuffs once I finish the launch of our online stores. It's just like raising a baby, so much work.
Every single day our mailbox and even the parcel box has to be emptied to give way to my next batch delivery of inventory. It's exciting but sometimes I wish for nice letters or mails from dear friends too. Anyway, I've got to cut this short and attend to my calling boy. Looks like he's about ready for his sleep, for me not just yet as I will have to do some extra works later on.



In any business big or small,a sale can be critical based on the handling and assistance needed.  Of course it is a lot simpler for small time businesses but bigger businesses can be notched up to the higher level with the help of a business broker.  A business broker aids to assist buyers and sellers with the buying and selling process.  All the necessary things that must be handled will be a business broker's duty, facilitating the progress of the business sale.

There are many kinds of brokerage practices and an example of it is the accountancy practice sales.  Accountancy is a very strong and well demanded industry.  Regardless how good or bad the economy turns out to be, accountants will always be in demand for businesses.  All financial aspects of the business fall under the jurisdiction of accountants therefore making accountancy practices for sale a good investment.  Accountancy practice valuation is very essential in sales, this determines the market value and the right selling price of anything with the help of a broker's expertise.

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