There are many ways of promoting your website whether it's online or offline.  Let's discuss few pointers on how to promote your website offline.  As we all know advertising is everywhere, it can be in the form of billboards, freebies, catalogs, etc.  When promoting your website offline one thing you should never forget is inserting or posting your web address or URL like in yellow pages, toll free numbers, letterheads and all other advertising medium

There's also online promotions in terms of  search engine marketing, newsletters, social media packages, affiliates, link exchange or creating your own online ad.  These are things that you may do yourself but if you don't want to do any of these you may simply get services from internet marketing companies.  These companies will work on your internet marketing through search engine optimization, making your site more visible for searches on the web.  Getting help from an SEO reseller is one easy way of doing your promotions. This will practically do everything for you with more systematic and experienced approach.

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