I have decided to review playgrounds and parks that me and baby go to.  It just surprised me when some of our friends didn't know about the nearby really good playgrounds and they kept going the same one over and over again.  Some of them goes to farther ones which is quite a drive.  Since I have been exploring and continuously searching for different playgrounds and parks to bring my boy, writing about those parks can help other people in our area be familiar with the different parks.


I love bringing my boy to Marijane Hamann Park in San Jose.  It is pocketed within a community making it feel more secured than those parks along the main roads.  It has 3 different playgrounds for kids of certain ages.  The toddler playground is gated which is ideal for parents with little cruisers.  This way the kids can't go anywhere outside the play area.  The split levels and sprawl of the toddler playground is very navigable for babies age 1-3.  There's a small tube where kids can pass going to the bigger slides which is definitely very interesting for little tots.

The bigger playground is for kids 4+, though it looks intimidating for little ones they can still navigate through it of course with adult supervision.  My 2yr old can actually go through the course to play on the bridge and slides.  The fun part is the separate spiral slide tower, kids certainly love going up and down that slide.

There's a more challenging structure for bigger kids.  That's the third playground in which has this spinner, a fun way to get dizzy I'd say.  Not to worry because the playground surfaces are very friendly.  There are softer mulch playground surfacing like of Rubberecycle's which is mild enough for kids to fall in. 

The last feature is a set of swings but I didn't take much photos of it anymore.  It has the seat type where you can lounge and swing, a regular one for bigger kids and a basket type for babies.  There's also a big field with some picnic tables with griddles, tennis courts and baseball / softball area.  This is definitely a park for the entire family. 

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